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Women’s fitness: a program of push-UPS for girls

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Women’s fitness: a program of push-UPS for girls

The contents

  • Push-UPS: use exercises for women
  • Pushups: options exercises and technique of its execution
  • Recommendations on load and the program fitness workouts

The pushup is a popular exercise with which most people learn more in school lessons of physical education. It fits both sexes and is working fine muscular frame upper body. Despite the seeming simplicity of push-UPS, the girls, they can be a little more complicated. Therefore, they will be especially useful to learn about the correct approach to the technique element and building effective fitness workout.

Push-UPS: use exercises for women

This load improves the strength and tone upper body muscles, physical endurance and creates a beautiful relief of the hands, shoulders and chest area. Despite the common stereotype, these exercises do not make a female figure muscular and masculine. Since the physiology of men and women different, girls are not prone to excessive muscle growth, so as a result of training, they become harmonious and tightened figure.

Push-UPS can have such an effect on the body of the girls:

  • maintain good physical form;
  • increase the elasticity and firmness of the figures;
  • help burn excess fat of the upper body and abdomen;
  • a positive effect on the spine;
  • increase energy expenditure and help to reduce weight.

These exercises for women are excellent job of maintaining good muscle tone, improve the work of many internal organs, and enhance vivacity.

Pushups: options exercises and technique of its execution

Many newcomers due to inadequate physical preparation can be difficult to cope with classic push-UPS. Therefore, it is possible to start with a simplified exercise performed from a wall, chair or your knees.

  • Pushups from the wall.

The simplest push-UPS, which allows girls to hone the correct technique of exercises. For the element must be stand against the wall, extend hands forward and to make an emphasis, placing them shoulder width apart. To perform a push-up, gently flexing his hands and almost pulling the head wall. Thus it is necessary to control the back and legs were straight. For starters, you can perform 10 repetitions. To enhance the load is step back away from the wall or move her arms a little wider.

  • Push-UPS from a chair.

For this exercise you need to rest your feet on a low stable support: a chair, bench or Cabinet. Hands should be placed on the floor shoulder width shoulder joints and bending the limbs at the elbows, slowly lower the body, clearly feeling the muscle resistance. It is recommended to start training with more high support and gradually move to lower level. This exercise for women great pumping the lower half of the chest muscles. While the load on it is reduced compared to the standard option.

  • Pushups from knees.

This light-weight version of the base item as a regular push-UPS, but the focus is not on toes, and knees. It is important to keep the body straight and not bend at the waist. This load is lighter, and after 15-20 exercises in this embodiment, started to be quite easy, you can move on to regular pushups.

A standard exercise for women after mastering the shortcuts is much easier. Pushups are carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • lie on the floor, focusing on a stretched forth his hand and the toes;
  • stretch out in a line parallel to the floor;
  • on the inhale bend the limbs at the elbows and lower the body down to almost touch the chest support;
  • on a deep exhale, slowly take the starting position.

Adjusting the position of the hands during the exercise, it is possible to redistribute the workload. So, their wide setting will increase the impact on the chest muscles and shoulder area. When you narrow the location of the hands (20 cm from each other), the main burden will fall on the triceps.

If there is a desire to further increase the burden on the chest muscles, is to use a special vest with weighting or rigidly secured-filled backpack. But using this method is extremely experienced athletes in good physical shape. Beginners better not to experiment.

Recommendations on load and the program fitness workouts

In order for pushups to be effective, you need to perform them based on the following guidelines:

  • work at a moderate pace and with a small amplitude;
  • to pull the body in a straight line, the pelvis does not stick out;
  • start with 1 approach to 10 repetitions;
  • to increase the load on the growth of endurance;
  • focus on the plan experienced athletes — 3 sets of 30 reps.

After the recent injuries of the spine or limbs ought to refrain from fitness workouts. The best option is to consult with a specialist and selection of the correct load to the start of classes.

The training program is made depending on their goals. The classes are held 3 times a week with a gradual increase in load.

Below is a sample program designed for three weeks of fitness training. If necessary, the number of repetitions and approaches can be adapted to the physical fitness of a person.

Week 1:

  • lesson 1 — 12 reps, 3-4 approach.
  • lesson 2 — 15 reps with the same number of sets;
  • lesson 3 — 22 repeat 3-5 approaches.

Week 2:

  • lesson 1 — 24 of recurrence in 3-5 approaches;
  • lesson 2 — 26 reps with the same number of sets;
  • lesson 3 — 30 reps of 3-6 approaches.

Week 3:

  • lesson 1 — 45 reps of 3-6 approaches;
  • lesson 2 — 50 reps, keeping the number of approaches;
  • lesson 3 — 55 reps with at least 5-6 approaches.

Starting with the fourth week, you can continue to increase the amount of exercise in maintaining quite intense, but comfortable fitness regime. Break between sets should be no more than one minute.

When you practice this exercise for women should avoid common mistakes that can reduce the efficiency of the physical load and increase the risk of injury. The main ones are:

  • the wrong location of the body;
  • sagging or protrusion of the pelvis;
  • too broad formulation of the extremities;
  • complete replacement of the classic exercise facilitated by the options of push-UPS.

Pushups is a simple and effective load for improving the physical shape of the body. In the process of its implementation should follow the right technique and join the training program depending on goals and abilities of the body. Only then training will be effective and will lead to the planned result.

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