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Women’s fitness: 9 of the best exercises for pectoral muscles

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Women’s fitness: 9 of the best exercises for pectoral muscles

The contents

  • Where better to train
  • Basic exercises for chest muscles
  • To exercises for breast
  • Rules of carrying out exercises for women

Working out in the gym, many women pay much attention to the press, the muscles of the thighs and legs, forgetting about some other parts of the body. However, only uniformly designed, harmonious figure will look aesthetically pleasing and attractive. Therefore, physical exercise should be aimed at the gradual development of all muscle groups. For example, the muscle workout will help to tighten the Breasts and improve their shape. While women with a small bust will add volume by increasing muscle mass.

Where better to train

To carry out any effective for thoracic, exercise for women in gym and at home. Gym sessions have the following advantages:

  • allow to diversify training through the use of different simulators;
  • determine the weighting of the right weight and gradually increase the intensity as you improve fitness;
  • you can work under the supervision of a coach who will help create a training program and evaluate the correct execution of the exercises for chest muscles.

When working in the home training area of the breast may enter the main set of exercises or be performed separately. Optimum mode of training – 2-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes. This requires weighting, better suited to collapsible dumbbells. Ideally, if you have the opportunity to use equipment of different weight.

All exercises for chest muscles can be divided into basic and isolating. When performing the basic elements are utilized not only the muscles of the chest, but other body parts – back, arms and shoulders. The second load type is suitable for targeting specifically at the area of the chest muscles.

Basic exercises for chest muscles

The most effective physical exercises for thoracic built on basic options of presses and pull-UPS.

  • Push-UPS.

One of the most effective exercises for strengthening the female breast. Beginners can do push-UPS from any low support – for example, benches, and focusing not on socks, and on his knees. This way of bench press is easy to perform and allows to strengthen the muscle to move to full pushups. During the bench press the body needs to stretch out in a line and bend over as low as possible – below the elbows formed a 90-degree angle.

  • Bench press with dumbbells.

Performed in the supine position on a flat or incline bench. Technique: lie on your back, raise your arms with the dumbbells straight up, palms direct from myself. Slowly lower the arms down, bending them at a right angle, and then repeat the exercise in reverse order. During the upward movement should be possible to strain your pectoral muscles. While driving down to join the blades together and try to pull the muscles of the chest area. When working on a flat bench is necessary to ensure that hands were raised perpendicular to the floor. The greater the angle of the bench, the stronger will be worked on shoulders and upper chest.

  • Bench press bar.

Technique: lie on the decline bench, take the neck wide grip. Remove the rod from the stop and move it down, bending your elbows. Then on the exhale return the hands to the initial position.

  • Pushups on the bars.

This exercise for chest muscles well-coached lower part of the chest. Technique: to take the boards and with the effort to lift the body completely straightening the arms. Bending your elbows, return to starting position. The legs should be slightly bent. During the downward movement, the elbows are pushed back, and the body leans forward a lot, which reduces the load on the hands. The back remains straight, legs are not involved.

  • The pull-UPS.

Technique: vis on the crossbar medium or wide grip, legs slightly bent at the knees and crossed. While driving up to try to get chest to bar and return to starting position.

To exercises for breast

This kind of load is performed after the basic elements, and when properly executed in isolation affects the chest, increasing its elasticity and improving the appearance. The remaining muscle groups of the body involved is minimal.

  • Exercise “butterfly”.

Requires a special device on which to settle and breed blocks. The reduction of arms is on the exhale and breeding – breath. The body should be tightly pressed to the seat back and be static.

  • The reduction of arms on the block.

This exercise for women is done in a standing position between the two uprights of the simulator. Load is when mixing together of the arms design, burdened with both sides of the cargo. During the execution of the item back and legs should remain stationary, and the arms to be slightly bent at the elbows.

  • Breeding hands with dumbbells.

Lie on the decline bench, raise slightly bent at the elbows with dumbbells up. The palm should be turned towards each other, elbows locked. Slowly exhale push the arms out to the sides, and then inhale to bring them together. Work on incline bench will increase the load on the upper part of the chest muscles.

  • Pullover.

To perform this exercise needs a dumbbell. Lie on the bench so that the head almost hung from a support. Raise slightly bent arms up, palms together, hold one dumbbell. Exhaling lower the arms back behind your head as low as possible. The position of the elbow does not change.

Rules of carrying out exercises for women

All of the described exercises for women need to perform 2 sets of 15 repetitions. To get started is to use dumbbells weighing 3-4 pounds and only after the load seems too easy, increase the weight of the equipment and then retry.

Do you need at least 2 times a week, including the load on the chest in the main occupation or allocating separate days. You can combine them with the study of the muscles of the arms and back. Each training day should include a set of 3-4 exercises. Beginner athletes should focus on the basic elements.

Each exercise should be preceded by warm-up, which will warm up the muscles for later exertion. During the execution of the complex should follow the correct technique elements.

At the end of the training necessary to produce stretching to relieve the tension from the chest muscles:

  • To join hands in the castle behind you and slowly raise them up until they stop. To stay at the extreme point, to return to the starting position.
  • To stretch your hands to both sides of the door opening and tilt the upper body forward, feeling the stretching of the chest muscles.
  • After just 4 weeks of regular classes you can get a visible result: the shape of the breast will improve significantly and become more beautiful and toned.

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