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Women’s fitness: 5 strength exercises for beginners

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Women’s fitness: 5 strength exercises for beginners

The contents

  • The main principles of the power of fitness
  • Recommendations for effective fitness training
  • A selection of exercises for strength training

Strength training is contraindicated in women as lead to increased muscle mass and give the figure bulky, masculine shape. This is the most common myth about strength training, which is fundamentally untrue. Regular exercise leads to strengthening the corset muscles, improve mobility of joint and ligaments of normalizes the work of the vital organs and systems, accelerates the metabolic processes in the body, relieves congestion and pain, stabilizes mood, eliminates excess weight. Strength training are equally necessary for both men and women.

The main principles of the power of fitness

Successful power fitness training are based on the following principles:

  • focus on results;
  • proper motivation;
  • work with full dedication;
  • the variability of the load;
  • the regularity of classes;
  • a variety of exercises;
  • a gradual progression of loads.

Strength training is based on anaerobic loads and helps to strengthen muscle and bony tissues, to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, improve skin elasticity and get rid of problem areas.

Recommendations for effective fitness training

Work should start with a minimum working weights. Excessive load for an unprepared organism stress excessive, leading to serious failures in its work. The growth of indicators of physical force, the weight of the working shells can be increased.

It is necessary to consider the fact that the monotony and monotony affect your performance. Include the private fitness training a variety of exercises, vary the emphasis of the load, complicate training facilities, use of additional equipment.

In drawing up the program of training must first consider the purpose of the artist, his state of health and level of fitness. All loads should be commensurate with the current physical capabilities of the athlete. The healthy human body rather quickly adapts and gets used to the loads. So every 2-3 months is to radically change the training program.

A selection of exercises for strength training

The complex of power exercises requires no additional preparation and will suit even novice lovers of fitness. It is aimed at the comprehensive strengthening of the muscular system and improves General physical well-being.

Observing the correct technique of sporting items, the contractor will protect yourself from injury and sprains. To conduct such training will need dumbbells, an exercise ball, and only half an hour of free time.

  • Alternating dumbbell bench press on a fitball.

The element focuses the load on the shoulder girdle: helps to strengthen muscles and the formation of the relief surface.

Execution algorithm:

  • To pick up a dumbbell. Take the center of the fitball. Legs tightly to rely on the floor. Feet wide apart. Back straight, shoulders back, chest opened. Avoid backbends in the lumbar spine and stooped shoulders.
  • Raise the arms with dumbbells to the shoulders. Palm deploy from myself.
  • Gently pull arms up.
  • Alternately lower the dumbbell to the shoulder by bending the elbow joint, and immediately raise it back. Dumbbell squeeze must be strictly vertical.
  • Perform 10-12 repetitions for each hand.
  • The use of the fitball in fitness training has its advantages. First, it reduces the axial load on the spine. Secondly, due to the instability of the ball requires the athlete to exert further efforts to find a balance. Impact on muscle fibers it increases, allowing you to work them out evenly across the surface.

    • Squats on one leg.

    Exercise to fully work the muscle fibers of the lower limbs: quadriceps and the hamstrings, buttocks and calves.


  • To get back to the fitball. Arms extended in front of him palms down. Lift one leg off the floor for 15-20 cm Gaze directed straight ahead.
  • On the exhale, bending the knee of the supporting leg, perform a squat until the buttocks touch the ball.
  • Repeat the same movement for the other foot.
  • An element is performed in 3 sets of 10-15 reps. Gradually select balls of a smaller diameter, and then to replace them with a horizontal bench. Each time try to do as deep a squat to eventually achieve the ability to squat on one leg without any support.

    • The lifting of the dumbbells on a biceps.

    The fitness element can qualitatively strengthen the arms and shoulder girdle. Housing for the entire exercise must remain motionless. His movements during lifting of the arms shifting the load from the target muscles.

    Execution rule:

  • Stand up straight, spread your arms. Take dumbbells in hands and lead them to the shoulder belt. Palm directed at myself.
  • One hand lowered to the hips, and exhale to draw back to the shoulder.
  • Repeat the same movement for the other hand. Exercise alternate lifting of the dumbbells 10-15 times for the training approach.
  • All movements should be smooth and controlled and avoid jerking and inertia. Do not round your back during the exercise and keep your head down. Eyes should be focused straight ahead.

    • Lifts the pelvis or buttock bridge.

    The exercise is aimed at strengthening the abdominals, strengthening the buttocks and thighs and is performed in 3 stages.

    The correct sequence of actions:

  • Lie on your back. Hands to dissolve in hand, palms pressed to the floor. Under the heel to place the fitball.
  • The efforts of the muscular fibres of the press to raise the pelvis up. Repeat the movement 12-15 times.
  • The next phase of the exercise more difficult: to raise the pelvis up, bend your knees and roll the exercise ball to himself, leaning on his heels, socks, legs stretched upwards. Movements 7-8 times.
  • The final stage is formed from the two preceding: it is necessary to tear off buttocks from the floor by working the abdominals, pull the ball towards yourself by bending your knees and then carry out gluteal bridge with an emphasis on exercise ball: raise the pelvis to the formation of a straight line from knees to forehead. After each phase of the exercise, leave a few seconds to rest.
  • To complicate the fitness element, you can do it with one leg and no rest breaks.

    • Bench press with squats.

    The exercise effectively working on the major muscle fibers of the body, corrects posture, increases mobility of joints. For the element will require a gymnastic stick or the neck of the bar.

    Execution algorithm:

  • Bodybar need to take a direct grip and make for the shoulder, the belly is tucked up and tense. The back is straight without sagging and stooping.
  • Straightening the elbow joints, hands up.
  • On the exhale, you need to perform a squat to the formation of the thighs parallel with the floor surface.
  • Correctly dosed stress – helpful stress to the body, giving a boost to smooth growth of muscle fibers and contribute to their strengthening. It is important to observe the correct technique of performing elements: every motion should be controlled. This will allow to avoid negative consequences in the form of sports injuries and sprains.

    In addition to strengthening the muscular system regular performance of a properly selected set of exercises speeds up the metabolic and metabolic processes in organism, allows to get rid of excessive subcutaneous fat, improves coordination and endurance, increases the protective functions of the immune system, helps in dealing with stress.

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