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Women’s crossfit or how to be always in shape

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Well, what girl does not dream of a chiseled figure, toned muscles and a wasp waist? Women’s crossfit is the best companion of lovely ladies in the achievement of these simple and so each of them desired goals. What you need to know about crossfit? How to do? The answers to all your questions on.

What is the benefit of crossfit?

  • This exercise is working all the muscle groups of the body.
  • Includes all forms of exercise (here you cardio, and strength). In General, the complete versatility.
  • Training program is very flexible. All the exercises are interchangeable.
  • A significant increase in the level of endurance, reactions and coordination.
  • For girls who dream to lose weight and gain trim figure, what is the real panacea.
  • If you have decided that you do at home unbearable, and uncomfortable in the room, any comfortable and pleasant place suitable for training.
  • Age doesn’t matter.
    Young and old can do crossfit without harm to their health.
  • Crossfit is a joyful occupation! Why? Each workout promotes release of endorphins. So with depression will be to say goodbye.
  • Joint problems – boy! Here is one of the most important and useful advantages of crossfit.

The main disadvantages of crossfit

  • Doing exclusively crossfit, to bodybuilding with the muscle will not work.
  • The difficulty of proper installation of the overload.
  • The trauma to the muscles with negligence of exercises.
  • The load on the heart. In order not to overload the main body of our body, the load must be increased gradually from session to session.
  • A serious burden on the entire muscular skeleton, which in consequence can contribute to a whole list of diseases.
  • Possible prolapse of the pelvic organs in women.

There are a number of contraindications for training in crossfit:

  • diseased heart, joints, or easily;
  • varicose veins;
  • pregnancy;
  • injury;
  • childhood, when the skeleton of a child, especially his spine, still fragile;
  • recent surgery;
  • problems of development of the muscles and joints.

Training crossfit girls

A natural question that arises in the mind of every girl before you do crossfit, sounds approximately so – “where to start?”. The answer is as simple as possible – start with layering. All crossfit workouts are based on a particular principle. For example, suppose there is a lesson plan for a beginner:

  • Squat with weights (kettlebell, dumbbell, medicine balls) in a rack “legs wide apart” or stand “on one leg”.
  • Run. How are you going to run, will have to decide for herself. If you prefer the fit, for example, running in place.
  • Pumping press (vis on the bar by pulling up legs to the body).
  • Deadlifts (binding).

This plan can be enjoyed for a few days, then you need to make a new one. For example, on the third day, you can replace the previous program in the list of exercises:

  • The pull-UPS.
  • Cycling (if it is not possible to ride two-wheeled “friend”, you can replace the exercise bike or the old-fashioned exercise “Bicycle”).
  • Pumping the abdominal muscles.
  • Lunges with a weighting (kettlebell, dumbbell, or medicine balls that you will need to hold over your head throughout the exercise).


  • Crossfit aims to a consistent exercise by minimizing the breaks in between.
  • The most important thing is overcoming fear of the opinions of others who are witnessing the training. It is always important to remember that you do only for themselves and the views of people in your motivation to achieving goals play an important role.

crossfit is a very effective and useful exercise, which can afford any girl in pursuit of sports. Start doing today, right now, and you will be surprised with the results after a month of training. The main thing is to weigh all “for” and “against”, to eventually decide for yourself whether you need such training. If the answer is positive, feel free to engage in battle with laziness and go to your dream. Good luck!

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