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Women’s Boxing: a pointless exercise or sporting hobby?

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Women’s Boxing: a pointless exercise or sporting hobby?

The contents

  • Historical note
  • Boxing is an unusual sport hobby
  • Contraindications and possible injury
  • Equipment for Boxing
  • The power of a boxer

Modern active women in the sport as a hobby choose Boxing. What attracts women to this sport, which is traditionally considered masculine? Is it worth Boxing for women? Let us examine these and other questions in this article.

Historical note

It is known that the fights involving women were held in Ancient Greece such fights were popular among Spartans. Modern Boxing originated in the early eighteenth century in England. Then, the same thing happened female fighting and women were tried by the same rules as men. Further, the system of rules was improved, and a kind of Boxing, which is now referred to as the English or classic Boxing, has spread to other countries of Europe and the world.

In the program of modern Olympic games Boxing was included in 1904. It was a game in St. Louis. But in the program of Olympic games of 1912 held in Stockholm, the box was absent. Post-war games in Antwerp in 1920 of steel for this sport turning point: men’s Boxing finally became established as an Olympic discipline. Women’s Boxing was less fortunate: after the Olympics of 1904, where it was included in the indicative program on women’s Boxing in the Olympic Committee long forgotten, and only in 2012 at the Olympic ring finally came female boxers.

Boxing is an unusual sport hobby

Women’s Boxing is still an unusual hobby, but it is slowly gaining popularity. Like any sport, Boxing has its own advantages and disadvantages. Boxing good for. Training boxers are high energy consumption: for 1 hour can burn up to 800 calories. Just 2-3 weeks of active employment, to significantly lose weight. Of course, for a quick and sustainable result of physical activity must be combined with proper nutrition. In addition to burning fat, training in Boxing promote the development of muscles. A couple of months of regular training can get abs, nice toned arms, firm buttocks and thighs.

Boxing not only externally transform man but changing him from the inside. Boxing builds character and develops will power, enhances self-control, disciplinary. In Boxing it is necessary not just to swing the hands must work the head. To win in the ring, the athlete must be able to anticipate the steps of the enemy, to come up with different combinations, build tactics of defense and attack.

Training in Boxing increases resistance to stress and self-esteem. In the gym and in the ring, the girl learns to defend themselves, acquire skills of self-defense. Practicing punches on a Boxing bag, an athlete “blowing off steam”: throws unnecessary aggression, relieves built-up tension — and all this without harm to themselves and others.

Contraindications and possible injury

Many women are hesitant to take up Boxing as they not attracted by the prospect to stay without a tooth or get a black eye. In fact, these fears, though not groundless, but somewhat exaggerated. Fear is probably other injuries: concussion, bruises to internal organs, injuries of the upper extremities. But they are unlikely if fully concentrate on the training, all obey the coach and to use protection.

To choose Boxing as a sport hobby may prevent contraindications health. The Boxing is not open to people with cardiovascular pathologies, pulmonary diseases (asthma, tuberculosis), mental disorders. Obstacle to employment may be undertreated chronic trauma, diseases of bones, joints, spine. In doubtful cases the question of access to training should be addressed by a medical specialist.

Equipment for Boxing

The first step is to get the right equipment. The right shoes for Boxing — soft comfortable shoes with soles that ensure a good grip with the floor. If a girl refers to his new hobby seriously, it is better to buy specialized shoes — boxers. They meet the needs of the boxer: is securely foot buffer, do not allow feet to slide, are ease and durability. The clothing should provide maximum freedom of movement and have good thermoregulation. Form boxers — t-shirt and shorts.

Even the smallest injury can have serious negative consequences for health. Therefore, during the Boxing should be possible to protect yourself using the whole range of protective equipment. This is especially true of beginners who had not yet mastered the technique, never learned to get away from the blows or block them. To protect from hitting your face and head will help a Boxing helmet. Boxing helmets are used with varying degrees of protection. There are those who leave open the face, protecting only certain parts of the head (temples, forehead, ears). There are helmets that cover more and the chin, cheekbones, cheeks. Maximum protection hats provide a bumper that protects the nose and mouth. In Boxing a big part of the shock applied to the head. Chest bumps are not so common, but women should acquire and constantly use protective chest protectors.

For hand protection use gloves and bandages. Gloves should sit exactly on the hand and be most convenient. The bandage is fixed in the correct position the wrist joint and the structural elements of the brush. They reduce the risk of sprains, fractures, sprains. Wound on the hands, the bandages absorb sweat, prevent sliding, prolong the service life of the gloves, increasing the impact. The bandages are tight and elastic. Beginners should use a stretch — they are well drawn and easily wound. But it is important not to overdo it with the power winding, so as not to pinch the blood flow in the hand.

During sparring to protect the teeth use a Boxing mouth guard is a special pad on the jaw. Modern models made from a thermoplastic which when heated takes on the desired shape. Before use, the mouthpiece need to “cook”. It is dipped for 30 seconds in boiling water, then dip in cold water, put on the jaw and press your fingers to your teeth. Ready-to-use cap should be securely fastened in the jaw, not cause discomfort and does not interfere with conversation.

The power of a boxer

Choosing Boxing as a sports hobby, you will have to take care of your diet. Proper nutrition plays a vital role in any sport — Boxing is no exception. Standard requirements: the diet should be balanced, food quality and harmless. It is necessary in sufficient quantity to consume the protein, vitamins, and minerals. The basis of the diet should be vegetables, cereals, poultry, eggs, fish, dairy products, fruit, berries.

Food must be fractional: meals 5-6 times a day in small portions. Sit down preferably at the same time. Between food intake and exercise must pass 1-1. 5 hours. After the training, you need to wait at least 40 minutes before consuming food. The athlete should drink plenty of water: at least 2 liters a day. You can drink green tea, juices, infusions hips. Boxing exclude the use of alcohol.

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