Mon. Jun 14th, 2021

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Without clothes: 5 scientifically proven benefits of sleeping naked

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you can overheat. Cool atmosphere in the body with great effect is restored, and the sleep becomes deeper and longer.

2. Improves relationships

Contact “skin to skin” is useful because it helps produce “happiness hormone” oxytocin. Often so sleep couples who are newly Dating.

3. Helps to lose weight

Sleep naked, as already written above, helps not to overheat, and the body stores brown fat, which then burns for energy.

4. Helps to control insulin levels

Cool atmosphere positively affects the production of hormones leptin (appetite regulator) and adiponectin (involved in the metabolism of glucose and fatty acids). And, therefore, insulin.

5. Improves skin condition

Sleep without clothes allows the skin to breathe. Tight clothing can cause irritation and rashes.

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