Sat. Jun 12th, 2021

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With a small professional tournament IFBB Pro

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Judging by the information that lay employees Federation of professional bodybuilding IFBB Professional League on its official website on the Internet then after a couple of days we will witness the smallest tournament in the history of this League. 18 August in the South of Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh city, better known as Saigon, will be Vietnam Musclecontest PRO 2018 among representatives of the category of beach bodybuilding Men’s Physique. In this popular division, which is starting to more serious groups of the Federation, today signed up only four of the athlete. It is not clear how many spectators will come to the sporting event, but the organizers are pinning their hopes on held on the same day, an Amateur comparison, where prizes for the winning athletes will be Pro-card in IFBB.

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