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"Wish Killer" Phil Heath in an inspirational workout

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Phil Heath 7-time champion Mr. Olympia will share some intense training clips ahead of his return to Las Vegas 2020. When Phil announced that he would be returning to the Olympia stage a few weeks ago (more on that below on, he thrilled the entire iron sports community and his fans in particular. Heath missed all of the 2019 competitions after losing the title a year earlier, but he is poised to return with a vengeance. It's too early to predict anything, but if he wins in 2020, he'll catch up with Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman in a record eight Sandow statuettes. And that's why his return is so important to the bodybuilding industry. Plus, he doesn't get younger at 40 (though not that old for the stage), and given the uncertainty the pandemic has brought in, it makes sense to compete "here and now" while he has the opportunity. Heath shared a clip cut from one of his recent workouts, where he looks very massive. Although there is never a time when he doesn't look huge, hence his nickname "The Gift". He also shared a few motivational words that accompanied his Instagram post:

“Don't worry when people kick you out of the game! Remember who the hell you are, FKN DREAM KILLER! "

It is not known how travel restrictions between countries could affect the presence of some participants at the 2020 Olympia, the fact that the Heath is returning will undoubtedly force anyone who appears on this stage to step up their preparations this year. He will be challenging reigning champion Brandon Curry and more as he tries to reclaim the title. Phil will of course keep everyone updated on his preparations ahead of the world's premier bodybuilding competition, which is scheduled for December.
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