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Winter sports are to promote health

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Winter sports are to promote health
The contents

  • The benefits of winter sports for health and beauty
  • Skiing is a great way to tighten up your body
  • Skating — physical activity for developing grace
  • Running — the benefits of this sport in winter
  • Features horse riding in winter

Many with the arrival of winter stop training in the fresh air, and newcomers tend to choose a different time of year to explore the sport. However, frost and cold can foster health and bring the body not only benefits, but also a good mood. What sports to choose to enhance locomotor activity in the winter?

The benefits of winter sports for health and beauty

According to Professor and expert on the basics of health Rose Callaway, cold and cold, you can wrap your own benefit and use to strengthen the body and spirit. Numerous experiments have shown that cold air can boost immunity, and even help to burn off much more calories than when exercising in warm weather. In addition, in the cold and the hormones of joy and happiness are produced much more actively, so that winter sports can be considered as a way of combating the effects of stress. Physical exercise in the fresh air is beneficial and aesthetic appeal.

Proven that active people, the skin is more supple and elastic. Swelling, pallor, various defects — with all these imperfections, good winter sports, improving metabolism and blood circulation, eliminating stasis and giving the skin flourishing. A beneficial effect of motor activity felt by all the organs and systems, but it should be remembered that any physical activity is stress, and stress is only useful in small doses, so you need to engage no more than 2 — 3 times a week, spending 30 — 40 minutes.

Skiing is a great way to tighten up your body

Ski walking is one of the few types of physical activity that can strengthen almost all muscle groups — back, abdominals, buttocks, shoulders, calf muscles. Regularly making cross-country skiing, you can not only tighten your body and improve its topography, but also to strengthen health, improve immunity and performance. Monotone non-stop motion is the best suited to promote endurance, and they do well with mental fatigue.

Alternately pushes and slide improve the functioning of the locomotor apparatus, especially useful for children who have a skeleton and bones are still forming. Scoliosis, bad posture and poor coordination of movements — with all these problems perfectly copes ski walking. The most important thing is to equip. Outerwear should not be too bulky and heavy. Tracksuit with a slight layer of insulation material will suffice, and under outerwear must be thermal underwear and warm knitted sweater.

Skating — physical activity for developing grace

Not every town has a similar ice floor, but if there is one, it’s a great excuse to freshen up and enhance aesthetic appeal. Many women consider the most problematic part of your body thighs and buttocks, and skating just strengthens these muscle groups, helping to create the beautiful, toned terrain. To experience the miraculous power of this sport does not have to be a professional skater, but with certain nuances and rules, it is better to get acquainted in advance.

The most important thing is to find a comfortable healthy weight shoes, which size should be slightly larger than the usual Shoe size. Beginners should not bother with the strengthening of the sock, the presence of rigid inserts or teeth on the blades to perform jumps and pirouettes. Let it be a regular pleasure skates with a soft and warm shoes which will not allow to freeze in cold weather and thus harm health.

Running — the benefits of this sport in winter

Any jogger will tell you that exercise in winter, do not go to any comparison with classes in the warm season. In frosty weather, the concentration of oxygen in air is much higher than in summer, and this is beneficial to the work of all organs and systems. Oxygen takes part in all redox reactions, and provides the synthesis of ATP — adenosine triphosphate is a universal energy source for all living organisms. Running in the winter is incredibly good for your health, because it is perfectly strengthens the body, thereby increasing immunity and resistance to viruses and bacteria.

This physical exercise is a great cardio workout and is able to accelerate the process of burning excess fat and quickly normalize the weight, to put in order your body. Here on the first plan out the right outfit, which should be built on the principle of layering. Synthetic clothes will take moisture away from the skin, wool sweater — warm, but light coat of waterproof material to protect from snow and cold wind. But the most important thing when Jogging in the winter — proper breathing. Breathe through the nose, that the cold air time to warm up in the respiratory tract before it reaches lungs. As a variant — it is possible to inhale through your nose, and exhale through the mouth.

Features horse riding in winter

Horse riding can be a great alternative to the usual fitness and winter — not a reason to stop exercising. Horse clubs will take care of the necessary trimming of horses and warm blankets, well, the athlete will only have to follow the safety rules and enjoy communication with these amazing animals. Few people know that horse riding is a great way to get in shape and train all the muscles of the body, because in order to stay in the saddle, you need to be nimble, agile and have good coordination, but with bad posture about anything particularly care not necessary — it will be corrected independently, because otherwise in the saddle and stay will not work.

Do not forget about the benefits of horse riding for health from a psychological point of view, which is a critical component to today’s popular treatment of hippotherapy. So that all who wish to escape from the bustle, to relax and to put in order your thoughts and feelings is to go to a club and to join this sport, despite the frost and Blizzard.

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