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Will the run in the war against cellulite?

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Will the run in the war against cellulite?

The contents

  • All about the advantages of Jogging in the fight against cellulite
  • How to run to defeat cellulite
  • What running technique to choose for a smooth skin

The “orange peel” will help to eliminate a range of measures: proper nutrition, beauty treatments and exercise. As an effective tool in the fight against cellulite can and should be used running. Regular Jogging promote fat burning, strengthening of muscles, improved circulation. Finally, they just cheer up and give energy! Of cellulite you can use a different running technique, each of them has certain advantages.

All about the advantages of Jogging in the fight against cellulite

Jogging does not take a lot of time, and have contraindications for this sport not so much. Systematic training will bring the desired effect, this type of physical activity has several advantages:

  • The excretion of excess fluid. While Jogging increases sweating, so the excess fluid disappears. Swelling is one of the “satellites” of cellulite, work with them helps to say goodbye to the unsightly bumps on the thighs, buttocks and belly.
  • Reduction of body fat. Like any other cardio, running promotes weight loss, fat burning. Together with excess weight will go away and the bumps on the skin of the hips, buttocks, legs.
  • Restore elasticity of the skin. Regular Jogging increases the tone of the skin by improving blood circulation, stimulation of metabolic processes. The skin becomes smooth and elastic, the first changes will be visible after 2-3 weeks after the start of Jogging.
  • Strengthening muscles. When running mainly involving the muscles of the legs and hips, so the classes in this sport contribute to the reduction of bumps, depressions in the areas that are most often covered by an ugly crust. Muscles thicken, increasing blood flow and tissue nutrition, whereby the skin is flattened.

Of course, Jogging and have other advantages. During exercise is important for preventing varicose veins, strengthening the immune system. Systematic physical activity reduces stress, increases efficiency. This means that when doing Jogging will leave not only cellulite, but will improve the overall quality of life.

How to run to defeat cellulite

Cellulite will definitely provide the desired results, if you follow the advice of experts. Correct running technique is the key to a comfortable feel during the workout, reducing the risk of injury. Starting the exercises, you need to follow the simple advice:

  • Increase the load gradually. No need to try to run 5 miles or exercise more than an hour. The optimal solution — every day to add to workout time 3 to 5 minutes. You should start with just 10-15 minutes of intense work, gradually increasing the Jogging 40-50 minutes.
  • Do not neglect a quality workout. It prepares the body for exertion, warm up the muscles. Enough to make a few swings with his arms and legs, squats, dips. Cellulite “destroy” jumping rope, they can also be included in the workout.
  • At first you should go Jogging 3 times a week. In the presence of excess weight it is advisable to practice a quick walk and then go to run. Ideally, you should go Jogging daily or at least 5 times a week.
  • To avoid loss of motivation for training periodically need to change the route. In the absence of joint problems you can run on the relief area, alternate a jog on smooth tracks with the movement of parts of slopes and rises.
  • Do not continually run on asphalt, it is advisable to train on a special floor coating of stadium or on dirt tracks. Definitely need to find the right shoes — sneakers with a good fit, thick sole with shock-absorbing properties.
  • To eat 20-30 minutes before the run and after an hour and a half after school. It is advisable to consume post-workout protein foods. But we should not forget to drink plenty of pure water, it will also help to fight cellulite.
  • What running technique to choose for a smooth skin

    For beginners, a good choice would be Jogging. Jogging will help eliminate cellulite and reduce weight, the main advantages of the technique is called minimizing stress on the joints, reducing the risk of injury. Besides, running at an easy pace technically easier, more beneficial for the cardiovascular system.

    Promotes weight loss and cellulite reduction of interval running is an alternation of movement in fast and slow motion. Proved a steeplechase, cross-country running. But in any case, it is important to train in the fresh air and not to forget about observance of the regime of Jogging. In a strong frost it is possible to replace classes on the street, exercising on a treadmill or run in place at home.

    You can combine different techniques of running to say goodbye to “orange peel”. However, before training is necessary to exclude contraindications. Running cannot be used for varicose veins, hypertension. To unsubscribe from this type of physical exertion is necessary when the prolapse of organs, hernia, obesity. It is best to consult with your doctor if you have chronic diseases. During training, the need to monitor his health. Any illness is a reason to reduce the load, or at some time to exclude running at all.

    To increase the impact of Jogging, you need to use other methods of struggle with “orange peel”. The skin is flattened when conducting anti-cellulite massage, body wraps, skin cleansing scrub. You should also visit the sauna or steam room, swimming pool, take a cold shower to stimulate blood circulation.

    Cellulite will succeed if you tune in to productive work. Jogging definitely need to combine with strength training. Training in the gym will strengthen muscles, increase stamina, tighten the skin. But do not forget about a balanced diet, control of daily energy intake. After all, 80% of success in weight loss, the elimination of ugly peel diet.

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