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“Wild nothing”, “Golden chicken” and 8 tattoos with a strange sense

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Interestingly, the master was joking, or she just chose at random any combination? In this case, it is not clear who could make such a dubious phrase in the catalog…

2. Wild nothing

Maybe the girl denied this tattoo master in love, and he told her insidious revenge?

3. Fish soup with egg

It is necessary to introduce the owner of this tattoo with a girl in a green dress…

4. Do not place food

Hmm, if it’s a waiter, it is still possible to understand!

5. Golden chicken

We begin to suspect a culinary conspiracy.

6. Love

With a character all right, but the location we were somewhat surprised.

7. Dog

And the girl probably sure it says something romantic!

8. Spirit, life, love, family, music, sun, woman

“What want to say?”

9. Love mom

No errors, but whether the client wanted it to knock back?

10. Star, laugh, love

Hmm, that is any three abstract words good! What is the scope for experimentation…

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