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Why women are afraid to go to the gym?

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Many women are willing to enroll in a gym to bring your body in order, but somehow don’t. What’s stopping them? Why women are afraid to go to the gym?

Feminine aspects of personality psychology was always surprised by its unpredictability. A large-scale survey showed that more than 65% of women are afraid to go to the gym because of low self-esteem. They are insecure and afraid of judgment, so deny yourself the opportunity to bring the body in order to explore the pleasures of sport.

Most often fears are related to appearance, women ashamed of their bodies, that they will be sweating and unsightly look. Because of low self-esteem women deny themselves the trip to the gym, because of this they gain excess weight and self-esteem becomes even lower. It is a vicious circle on the basis of self-doubt and constant worry.

Men are also prone to such fears, but or suffer only 36%, the same men easier to overcome fears. If you understand what scares women in gym session, 49% of the stops the selection of clothes, some people do not like to go to sports, someone is afraid that his choice of clothing will not be approved by the audience in the hall. About 25% of women do not go to the gym because of stereotypes, they don’t realize that these stereotypes live only in their head.

In order to overcome fears in front of an audience, you just need to go to the gym.

After the first visit it becomes clear that none of the trainees do not pay attention to appearance, everything is exactly the same blush and sweat. If you overcome the fear of judgment only once, that sense of pride will increase self-esteem, and soon all the fears in front of the hall will be suppressed. These simple ways will help to join sports, to improve your body and raise your confidence.

Try to plan your workouts

If you come to the gym without a goal and stick from the simulator to the simulator, the level of insecurity will increase dramatically. Before visiting the hall you need to plan your workout, for example, to download an application program of training on a smartphone. Doing business, it is difficult to concern myself with fears.

Do at home

If you’re embarrassed by your poor physical shape, start working on improving it at home. Very soon you will learn to perform basic exercises, will feel the confidence and willingness to go to the gym.

Study equipment

Even professional athletes don’t know how to use all the machines, so it’s alright to ask the staff about the work of a device. More than 58 percent of women admitted that they do not know how to handle machines and afraid of the condemnation on this. Just a few questions, easy instruction, and the psychological discomfort will go away.

Show the sequence

A sense of confidence in the sport comes as you gain physical fitness, self-improvement is impossible without consistency. Identify your problem areas and relevant aspects, then fitness classes will gain the vector of direction that will bring results and fun.

Remember about your goals

After the fear of going to the gym is defeated, you will have new enemies – laziness, tiredness, doubts, the desire to move the workout to tomorrow or some other day. At this stage you have to think about their goals and to imagine what will happen after you achieve them. Workout in a gym bring not only the beauty of the body, they strengthen health, make people stronger and more resilient, boost your confidence.

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