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Why sore muscles after strenuous exercise?

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Why sore muscles after strenuous exercise?

The contents

  • The cause of muscle pain after exercise
  • Effective ways to recover after a fitness
  • Schedule a hitch in the fitness training

Most people involved in fitness are often confronted with the phenomenon of delayed onset muscle soreness. This term is called a muscle pain that occurs after a workout. Of course, most often suffer from this painful syndrome by newcomers who have poorly developed musculature. But a fairly experienced gym attendees can also experience the unpleasant sensation of pain after class, when the physical load was mismatched. To prevent the pain and reduce its intensity, you should understand the reasons for the appearance of delayed onset muscle soreness and methods of its neutralization.

The cause of muscle pain after exercise

The appearance of delayed onset muscle soreness, which is characterized by pain of varying intensity and related some stiffness, provoking the following reasons:

  • the mismatch intensity exercise the degree of training of the muscles. In this case, muscle fibers are injured so severely that the process of regeneration causes pain;
  • the increase in the concentration of lactic acid in the muscles, which occurs when they lack oxygen. Accumulated lactic acid exerts pressure on the soft tissues, resulting in them pain.

Beginners in fitness training is very important to learn to identify what is the cause of the pain syndrome — delayed onset muscle soreness or injury. In the first case the pain occurs the day after strenuous exercise and goes away within 1-3 days. In trauma, the pain is immediately after you perform certain movements, characterized by a high intensity with a tendency to its further strengthening and, in most cases, does not pass by itself, but requires drug therapy. Just making sure that the pain after fitness training-induced delayed onset muscle soreness and is not a symptom of injury, you can take steps to decrease the pain syndrome.

Effective ways to recover after a fitness

The main tool in the fight against delayed onset muscle soreness is prevention. The risk of sore muscles after the fitness training can be reduced to a minimum, if you start to take action for the regeneration of the musculature during the exercises and continue them after the vote. Effective ways to restore the body after exercise are:

  • the holding of a hitch.

After completing the main part of the exercise, the plan for the class, we should not immediately leave the gym or going to rest, if training is conducted at home. Need as a hitch to do some simple exercises that stretch the muscle fibers. This will help the muscles to relax after a fitness workout and activates them in the process of regeneration of the fibers. In addition, stretching promotes even distribution and removal of lactic acid and thus do not give her opportunity to accumulate in one place, causing pain;

  • reception warm shower and bath.

Warm water relaxes the muscles after fitness classes and increases the blood flow to the soft tissues. Blood, in turn, flushes out lactic acid and delivers the nutrients to the muscles and thus speeds up the cell regeneration;

  • visiting baths or saunas.

This method, unlike the previous two, and effective as a means of prevention and as first aid in the case when the soreness is already there. Such treatments not only relax the muscles, accelerate blood circulation and perspiration, but also relieve the strain on the nervous system. After bath or sauna the body recovers quickly, and a person feels fresh and ready for a new physical activity;

  • massage.

Manual impact on the muscles helps to eliminate cramps and clamps to them, the General relaxation of the muscles and increased blood flow to it. Conduct massage immediately after exercise and the next day at the first sign of delayed onset muscle soreness. Massage is useful not only to combat post-workout pain, but also as a means of preventing injuries. No wonder all the professional athletes definitely use the services of massage therapists;

  • proper nutrition.

Food is the source of all vital nutrients. So the power supply, especially during recovery after exercise should include all nutrients, vitamins, micro – and macronutrients that promote tissue regeneration;

  • a full night’s sleep.

Regenerative processes in the body are most actively occur during sleep, for this reason its duration should be not less than 8 hours;

  • fitness training with the cardio.

Due to such studies accelerated heart rate and breathing rhythm, which leads to increased blood flow to muscle tissues and saturate them with oxygen. These processes contribute to the elimination of the causes of delayed onset muscle soreness and reduce pain. If the stiffness caused by pain, can not engage in, for example, Jogging, you can go for a stroll or to conduct a simple fitness training with light aerobic load. In this case, the main task is stimulation of blood circulation and increased oxygen delivered to your body, not fat burning or endurance training.

Schedule a hitch in the fitness training

As already mentioned, the hitch is the primary means of preventing post-workout pain, so its implementation should be approached responsibly and professionally. Making hitch after fitness classes, must adhere to the following work plan:

  • if training wore forceful character, then start hitch should be light cardio, for example, walking or Jogging. If the lesson was aerobic exercise, you must gradually, within 3-5 minutes, reduce the primary pace to a complete stop;
  • after aminochrome cardio you need to stretch your joints with rotational movements;
  • after working the joints, you can move on to stretching exercises, paying particular attention to those muscle groups, which accounted for the main volume of physical activity.

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