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Why not eat less and to lose weight?

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If someone advises you to eat less to lose weight, it will be an occasion to doubt the competence of the adviser. Reducing the amount of food in the diet will not help to lose weight.

If you say you want to lose weight, many people will advise you to eat less, and they will be wrong. Experts in the field of health, nutrition and dietetics not tire of repeating that to lose weight you need to focus on the quality of the food, not its quantity. A recent study by the State University of Pennsylvania, confirmed the opinion previously formed.

For research were selected by the 100 women in need of getting rid of excess weight. Participants were divided into two groups, one group was trained on the correct dispensing of food, explained to them the importance of healthy eating 5-7 meals a week. The second group was fed randomly to all participants of experiment were offered the same food with many products to choose from.

The volume of daily menu of all participants was approximately equal, but the group that was trained to favour a better and more useful products. In the end, using the same volume of food, women of the first group received fewer calories and lost weight faster than participants without prior training. It follows that it is not necessary to monitor the volume, trying to sit less need to monitor the quality of the food, and then the weight loss will happen without severe restrictions, physical weakness and bad mood.

Experts recommend to make a choice in favor of products with lower caloric density, for example, vegetables that contain a lot of water and fiber. Eating such foods, you can afford to eat more and not feel hunger, but to lose the extra pounds.

This study observed solely for women, but the authors argue that this approach is universal.

For men such a strategy would be even more preferable, since most of them are not willing to limit the volume of diet and hunger.

To implement such a diet will be very difficult, consider the principle on the example of the sandwich. If you replace white bread for whole grain, sausage on a piece of meat, the mayonnaise, the mustard, the result we get is not harmful fast food, provoking the appearance of extra pounds, but hearty dish, useful and appropriate for weight loss. With the right approach, with the replacement of unwanted products to the preferred, people get less calories and lose weight, but it does not feel deprivation and constant hunger.

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