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Why muscles hurt after exercise

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Why muscles hurt after exercise
The contents

  • Causes of pain after exercise
  • Ways to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness after fitness training
  • Means relief of muscle pain after gym

Heavy physical work is often accompanied by a pain syndrome that occurs immediately or the next day after delivery. The intensity of the pain can be both minor and quite strong. Often the beginners first having experienced such discomfort, how long refuse fitness workouts, not daring again to experience pain in the muscles. But if you know the causes of this problem and effective ways of its decision, it will not be a serious obstacle on the way to a slim figure and good health.

Causes of pain after exercise

Pain during or after fitness workouts can occur for several reasons, among which are the following:

  • injury where tearing of muscle fibers or connective tissue. In this case, there is a sharp pain after and during the fitness classes right after the muscle tear or ligament;
  • different joint damage. In such cases, as in torn muscles and ligaments, the pain appears immediately and usually takes place without specific therapy;
  • too many of microtrauma of muscle fibers that occurs due to the mismatch of provided physical activity and degree of training of the muscles;
  • increased concentration of lactic acid in the muscles, which is formed in the process of breakdown of glucose. Simply put, a large amount of this acid puts pressure on the muscle fibers, and therefore the person feels pain.

Most of the gym attendees are concerned about the pain provoked by the trauma and the accumulation of lactic acid. It appears after 1-2 days fitness workout and in most cases resolves on its own without causing much harm. A serious cause of concern and seeking medical attention can be these symptoms:

  • numbness or paralysis of any part of the body or the whole body;
  • redness, swelling or a tumor in a certain place, which is under physical stress;
  • prolonged pain, which persists despite all the measures taken, more than seven days.

Ways to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness after fitness training

As you know, any problem is easier to prevent than to solve. This truth applies to delayed onset muscle soreness. It is much easier to perform simple actions immediately after fitness training to reduce the risk of muscle pain than to experience discomfort afterwards and make a lot more effort to relief the condition. The most effective preventive measure is the provision of body exposure, which is slightly higher than the degree of training of the muscles. In other words, physical activity should be increased gradually by adding to the working weight of only a few hundred grams or increasing the number of repetitions is not more than two.

In addition, the risk of delayed onset muscle soreness can be reduced to a minimum if, immediately after the fitness classes to take the following actions

  • to ensure a quality hitch with a duration of 5-10 minutes.

It should consist of stretching exercises. In the process of stretching the muscle fibers of lactic acid resulting from physical activity, distributed over the whole area of the muscles without accumulating in one place. In result there isn’t those centers of high concentration of acid, that put pressure on muscle tissue and that cause pain of varying intensity. That’s why the hitch after training is just as important as the warm up before doing fitness, and it should not be neglected;

  • to continue physical activity.

After completing the lesson, you should not immediately take a static position to a rest (in this case, the blood flow slows down and creates favorable conditions for the concentration of lactic acid). To prevent muscle pains, you need to continue to move after the main exercise. This is necessary for two reasons: first, the blood priteca to muscle tissues, supplying them with the substances that promote the healing of minor wounds, and secondly, an intense blood flow flushes lactic acid from the muscles. So you need to take for a rule after strenuous exercise in the gym to get home at a normal pace, not by car or public transport;

  • take a warm bath.

Once home, the first thing you need to carry out water treatments, continuing to stimulate the circulation by exposing the body to warm water. This bath, especially if it is with the addition of sea salt and essential oils, strengthens blood flow to muscle tissues, thus promoting the healing of minor wounds and helps the muscles relax after exercise.

Means relief of muscle pain after gym

If the muscle pains after a fitness it can’t be prevented, to facilitate the state is required to consistently undertake these measures:

  • you need to carry out any procedure that uses warm water or steam, for example, to take a shower or bath for half an hour, relax in the sauna or steam bath.

Due to this effect on the body it increases blood circulation and therefore muscle tissues get more blood volume, which accelerates the healing of minor wounds and reduces the concentration of lactic acid in the muscles;

  • fitness, working without the additional weight and in a sparing mode, which provides for the implementation of a smaller-than-normal number of repetitions.

Easy physical exercises that can be accompanied by pain, significantly reduces the duration of fever. This effect is achieved by the same enhance blood circulation and bring tone to the muscles and eliminate spasms in them;

  • a massage using analgesic ointments, gels or creams.

External manual interference with the use of medicines produces a dual effect. First, it stimulates the blood flow to parts of the body where there is pain. Secondly, the active ingredient of medicines can penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis and to stop the pain and prevent the occurrence of inflammation.

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