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Why little people harder to lose weight?

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Practice shows that people under 180 cm tall you will grow thin faster than someone whose height is 160 cm. the lower the height of a man, the harder it is to lose weight. What is the explanation for that pattern?

Women gain weight much faster than men, it is more difficult to get rid of extra pounds. This is because the metabolism is slower in women than in men. The average basal metabolism for a woman for a day is 1400 calories, the man will spend at least 1750 calories. This amount of energy will be spent, even if one day will hold at rest, not moving any extremities. For this reason, the man is easier to lose weight than the woman. But why high people lose weight easier than short people?
The answer to this question is also need to look at the metabolic level, the smaller the body, the less energy it will require for life support, the less calories it is accustomed to spend.

Have high person more dry mass than low.

To dry mass includes all tissues that are not composed of water and fat, it’s muscle, bone and connective tissue, the cells that make up organs. The energy of rest or basal metabolism depends on body weight and dry mass, in turn of the rest energy of the amount of calories spent on activity.

The size of the internal organs depend on human growth, particularly the volume of the brain, muscular system, liver and kidneys. The main reason for difficulty losing weight is the amount of muscle mass, muscle is the main consumer of energy in the human body.

Low growth makes it impossible for its success you need to start from a few rules:

  • To control the amount eaten. It is important to learn to distinguish real hunger from false and count the number of calories eaten per day. The signals of real hunger cannot be ignored, starvation slows metabolism and further complicates the weight loss for men of small stature.
  • To practice strength training. Exercise with weight best suited to speed up metabolism, they stimulate muscle tissue to grow. For small people with a small amount of muscle mass is preferable to carry out the work on a small number of repetitions, but with a high weight.
  • Eating more protein. Increasing consumption of protein, you achieve several goals simultaneously: stabilitywise the level of glucose in the blood, save yourself from sudden bouts of hunger and create conditions for the growth of muscles and accelerate the speed of metabolic processes in the body.
  • To get the vitamins and minerals. Task low person with excess weight is to build your diet so that it does not exceed the minimum caloric intake, but to obtain from him all the necessary vitamins and minerals. When restricting caloric intake is becoming more and more poor content of nutrients, to compensate for their deficit without the use of calories by vitamin-mineral complexes from the pharmacy.

Knowing that tall people lose weight faster and easier should not disappoint the people of low growth. Knowing and considering the characteristics of your body, you will succeed and attain the desired shape.

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