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Why Jogging doesn’t help lose weight: 5 common mistakes

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Why Jogging doesn’t help lose weight: 5 common mistakes

The contents

  • Mistake 1: doing fitness and Jogging, you don’t control your diet
  • Error 2: You do infrequently or irregularly
  • Mistake 3: You do not change the intensity of training
  • Error 4: Your workout is not long enough
  • Error 5: You do not try other workouts

Most of us are engaged in running not only for health, but for the sake of a slim figure. But often even the most intense workout does not help lose weight: day after day the scales show the same weight even though you diligently every morning. Why Jogging doesn’t help lose weight? About the 5 most common mistakes will tell you MedAboutMe.

Mistake 1: doing fitness and Jogging, you don’t control your diet

Any fitness and all types of exercise increase the appetite. It is therefore not surprising that, after intensive running training you are feeling especially hungry. In addition, sports create the illusion of permissiveness: now I can eat anything, anyhow I will burn those calories. If you feel the same way and after an intense run where you went all out, allow yourself to cream cakes, the result will only gain weight.

The abundance of sugar, fat and simple carbohydrates in your diet and a healthy lifestyle — the phenomena incompatible. If you are just beginning to exercise, you will first reconsider your diet. No running does not compensate for the abundance of fatty or sweet food.

The Council

Give up the delusion that while running, you burn so many calories that I can eat anything. Minimize the consumption of foods that promotes weight gain: processed foods, sweets, fizzy drinks etc.

If you want to “sculpt” your figure, get rid of the fat to make it more relief, to count the calories. Calculate how much you burn per day taking into account exercise and subtract 200-300 calories for weight loss. To sit hard the diet should not be, but to reduce caloric intake have.

Error 2: You do infrequently or irregularly

All those involved in sport on a professional basis, we have to find time to workout in my free from work, household and family Affairs. But if you want to lose weight and keep in good shape, then two runs a week is not enough.

According to research College of sports medicine, United States, 60% of those who cannot lose weight through fitness, rarely involved, or their training was not sufficiently long.

The standard advice is to run 2-3 times a week for one hour. But this advice is only relevant to those in the rest of the time leads a very active lifestyle. If physical activity your minimum, you will need to do more often.

The Council

If classes 2-3 times a week or even less frequently do not help you lose weight, increase your workouts to 5 a week. And it’s not just about running! It could be another cardio and less intensive classes — for example, walking.

Mistake 3: You do not change the intensity of training

One of the most common reasons why Jogging doesn’t help lose weight — classes are the same intensity. Beginners are afraid of high intensity exercise, so running at a constant low pace. Advanced athletes, on the contrary, not enough low intensity training.

The fact that classes with the same intensity cause the organism addictive and therefore become ineffective. If the load constantly increase, sooner or later you will come to what needs to run all the time with high intensity, such as impact training wear and can lead to overtraining.

The Council

Alternate low – and high-intensity workout. Ideally, interval running, that is, the combination of these two types of exercises in one lesson. Eventually you will wear down your body, but avoid stagnation. The essence of interval running alternating modes of activity: one period you run at a leisurely pace, the following, maximally accelerating. This method of training allows you to burn more calories than even running.

Error 4: Your workout is not long enough

Thirty minute jog enough to lose weight. Although the body begins to use fat energy in 5-7 minutes after the continuous run, the maximum burning starts only after 20 minutes. The most effective exercise for fat loss should last at least 30-40 minutes.

The Council

Beginners should start Jogging (the same applies to other low – and medium-intensive cardio) for 30-40 minutes. In a month or two training duration can be increased to one hour, if you have no contraindications or increased weight (over 30 pounds overweight). High-intensity workouts you can increase to an hour only in 2-4 months.

Error 5: You do not try other workouts

Speaking about why Jogging doesn’t help lose weight, it is important to note that it can be not only in running, and what type of training suits you best. So, for some intense run — too hard training, where they are overworked and does throw it. Others focus only on the run, trying to lose weight only with it, while sporting their “diet” you need to diversify the workouts in the gym. Some prefer long jogs at a leisurely pace, while for maximum calorie burning is much more effective than interval running.

The Council

Select the type of exercises that will help you become slimmer. For example, it may be Cycling on high speed or spinning classes, which can be your workouts more effective.

Finally, the last tip. If you just started Jogging, then be realistic and do not tune that you will see the results right here and now. Tune in first on what you need to get into the rhythm, do regular exercise and then increase the intensity and work on the result.

The comment of the expertAlexey Stolyarov, a fitness blogger, among the Top 10 coaches SPb

─ Jogging helps to lose weight. Why?

─ Because running is aerobic, cyclic load, which increases pulse and actively wasted energy. Man, Willy-nilly starts to drop weight. In addition, running is one of the simplest and most common ways to lose weight quickly because they can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

─ What’s important to remember to avoid the most common mistakes?

─ People with problems of the cardiovascular system or musculoskeletal system, it is better to refrain from running. Since this is a shock, and it can lead to recurrence of injury.

Most importantly, remember that running should be in one pace for at least 45 minutes but not more than 90. This is very important. You should also choose comfortable athletic clothing and sneakers.

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