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Why is pain felt after deadlift?

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Exercising should be good for your health, but from time to time they give the opposite result. Who went to the gym recently is often perplexed, feeling pain after a deadlift, this is not the effect they were waiting for. Usually, after doing this exercise, beginners have lower back pain, and they only exacerbate the situation when they do not go to the doctor, and instead they prescribe painkillers themselves. We will understand what caused the pain after performing deadlift, and when it should become a cause for concern.

Pain never comes after so, there is always a reason for this. Especially dangerous can be pain in the spine. There is also a reason for lower back pain after performing deadlift.

About the causes of pain

When performing this exercise, different muscle groups work. It is not possible to unequivocally answer the question about the origin of back pain. Perhaps you did not master the correct technique of exercise or did everything correctly, but overestimated your level of training and overworked the muscles of the spine. In any case, you can’t leave this pain unattended, it can indicate serious problems.

In most cases, discomfort after training for beginners is natural, because before the body was not familiar with this kind of load. But if these feelings are strong and arise abruptly, it is obvious that a mistake was made in training. When working with weight, it is important to keep the body in the correct position, a slight deviation can cause improper load distribution.


Rules and Errors

It is better to master complex exercises under the supervision of a trainer, a specialist will teach you the correct technique and correct the situation in case of an error.

Rules that should not be violated:

correct position of the legs – slightly bent at the knees, this ensures the correct distribution of the load;
the back should remain straight, pulling weight with a bent back is a direct path to injury. When the spine remains flat, the load is evenly distributed over it, there is no imbalance that leads to damage to the small muscle-stabilizers and even vertebral displacements;
you don’t need to pull with a grip, this puts the spine under a torsional load. This technique is intended for competition, but not for ordinary training;
the sole should provide a tight grip with the floor, shoes – reliable fixation of the heel;
no need to use gloves, this only distracts from the right technique.

Sensing back pain after deadlift, everyone does things differently. Someone goes to the pharmacy for warming ointment or painkillers, he will eliminate only the symptoms. The reason will remain unknown and will let you know about yourself again. Someone prefers to hang on the horizontal bar to stretch his back, and this is an even more dangerous decision.

The right reaction will be to seek medical help for examination and to the trainer to identify errors in the training process.

Often the point is too high intensity, making traction in sharp jerks, you do not increase the productivity of the workout, but provoke the appearance of trouble. In the starting position, the neck can be located too high or too low, since the proportions of the arms and legs are different for everyone. You can experiment with this option to understand how it is more convenient.

With regard to technology and weight, experimenting with them at your discretion is not worth it. The weight of the projectile should increase gradually, training should be carried out with an empty bar. If you take a too heavy bar, then the result may be protrusion, in which the intervertebral disc moves beyond its place in the spinal column. With protrusion, pinching of blood vessels and nerves occurs, and it acts as a cause of pain. If you overload yourself on a regular basis, the intervertebral hernia becomes a complication.

intervertebral hernia

How to recognize a hazard?

Pain after exercise can be both normal and a sign of damage.

Normal pain is the result of the accumulation of lactic acid and microdamage in muscle fibers, it is characterized as follows:

comes the day after exertion;
has a dumb character;
arises exclusively in the lower back, since this area has the maximum load;
tends to intensify when walking;
become less pronounced without any intervention;
completely subsides after a few days.

The following symptoms indicate serious injuries:

occurs immediately after class or in the process of performing a power element;
has a sharp character;
moves from the lower back to other areas;
disturbs even at rest;
tends to increase;
doesn't go away on its own.

If the signs correspond to injury, then seek medical attention immediately. To determine the degree of damage, the specialist will prescribe additional examinations, for example, x-rays or MRI. If unpleasant feelings of an alarming nature appear systematically, then the help of a trainer is needed, he will reveal your mistakes in deadlift, help to correct them, determine the optimal level of loads.

trainer assistance in deadlift


The main prevention is the correct technique, it is especially important to monitor the position of the back. The most dangerous moment in deadlift is when the bar comes off the floor. Before each workout, it is important to warm up, even the correct technique will not protect against injury if the muscles are unheated.

If your program contains such complex elements, then there must be exercises to strengthen the back, for example, pull-ups. The weight used must correspond to the level of training, a too heavy bar will not make you stronger, but it can cause injury and forced miss training.

If during the execution you felt acute pain, then follow the emergency instructions:

stop the exercise immediately;
lie on the floor in a position that minimizes discomfort, do not get up until you get rid of it;
if you have any sensations, continuing the activity is strictly prohibited;
apply a cold compress to the injured place, do not use heat, this will increase inflammation, swelling will also become stronger;
seek medical attention.

With severe pain after a deadlift, you should not resort to self-medication, you can not prescribe medications to yourself. Not only further sports successes, but also the general state of health depend on the correct behavior in the first hours after an injury.


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