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Why drink pickle juice after a workout?

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Many sports fans drink the pickle juice after a workout and claim it helps them recover. Right these people? Can the brine be of benefit after exercise?

Most people use brine only associated with morning after alcohol party, but there are those who skillfully blends it into a healthy lifestyle. Some drink pickle juice after a workout, and claim that it helps them recover after exercise and to get rid of pain and cramps in the muscles. A brine is not a typical drink for the gym, is he able to make such a use?

A brine is mostly salt, a liquid for pickling, preserving products for a long time. This drink is a water with dissolved salt and a small amount of juice of the vegetables that it marinated, for example, cucumbers or tomatoes. When physical activity lasts an hour or more, the person loses a lot of salts through sweat, mainly potassium and sodium. For this reason, after an intense crossfit workout you may want something salty.
Due to lack of salts after an intense workout, felt weak, their deficit also manifested by muscle aches and even seizures. If you immediately replenish lost electrolytes with sweat, you feel normal, but muscle recovery will take less time.
Drinking pickle juice after a workout will make you feel more energetic due to the compensation of the lack of sodium is a component of salt used for preservation. In addition, the brine contains probiotics, these live cultures was created when fermenting, probiotics may be useful for proper digestion and intestinal health. However, in the marinated vegetables probiotics will be much greater than in brine.
Therefore, drinking pickle juice after a workout will help to compensate the deficiency of sodium, but potassium and other electrolytes in it is negligible. If your workout lasts more than an hour, it is advisable to use isotonic these drinks contain all the essential salts.

If exercise continues less than an hour, to compensate for the lack of electrolytes will help ordinary drinking water.

Pickle in the kitchen will be much more useful than a gym, this drink is the right combination needed to restore electrolytes. To use the brine in order to obtain probiotics is also not very reasonable, it is better to eat pickled vegetables. But this does not mean that pickle is a useless liquid that you pour. If you add the brine into a marinade for meat or pour a third glass directly to the pan when frying, the meat will become softer. The brine can be used for preparation of poached eggs, salt and spices will give the dish an interesting new flavor and taste.

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