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Why does the training occur muscle cramps?

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It would seem that you work out a lot, and your body can easily withstand the load, but the exercise still causes problems and muscle spasms. Where are the muscle spasms?

Muscle spasms are not perfect, occasionally they come up even to people with perfect athletic training. Most often, cramps are the result of dehydration, but they can also be caused by a poor physical fitness or fatigue. Muscle spasms occur quite painful, but they can easily be prevented.

Muscle spasms occur in the legs, hips, back and upper body, to explain this situation is simply muscle remains in a compressed state, can not relax and stretch out. Making a movement, you pull this muscle force, which she said pain. Dehydration cause of cramps is not the lack of water and depletion of potassium, so eat a pre-workout banana is a very good idea. The important role played by environmental conditions, when training on the street wet and cool weather will increase the likelihood of spasm. In adverse weather conditions warm up before exercise should be more thorough.
Sharp pain in muscles due to spasm can be caused by incorrect technique of movements. In General, no matter what causes the spasms, their elimination is made by the same algorithm. The best treatment for cramps is rest, massage, restoration of water and electrolyte balance, applying ice and stretching.

If the cramps disturb rare, it will help each of these ways, but if they become chronic or have a tendency to increase, then you need help of a physiotherapist.

Often arise when cramps doctors prescribe courses of rehabilitative exercises to improve movement patterns of the body and uniform muscle development, often resort to acupuncture or chiropractic services. When dealing with muscle spasms the important thing is to work on soft tissues. If you play sport without a coach and not use the services of the masseur, then you have a good idea to buy a foam roller or massage ball to relax the muscles after a workout.
But the best way to combat muscle spasms is their prevention, it is easier to prevent the emergence of a spasm than trying to eliminate it. The first conditions is the hydration, the higher physical load, the more you need to drink, along with water the body receives valuable minerals, important for muscle system amounts of potassium and magnesium. Indicator of the level of hydration is the color of the urine, when the urine becomes darker, this indicates the presence of dehydration.
Spasms and cramps can be a side effect of excessive loads, so it is important to prepare your body for each workout. Getting loads should be preceded by warm up with active stretching during the warm-up the muscles should be well warmed up. After a workout the muscles need to cool down and calm down, to do this, hold hitch. As a hitch fit static stretching exercises, they relax the muscles and adjust the muscular system to recover.

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