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Why do you need stretching?

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Workout stretching is necessary for any vector sports development and in all the targets. What is the importance of stretching exercises, which they give the benefits?

Many training programs are based on a combination of cardio and strength exercises, they often miss a very important point – stretching. Without working on stretching cannot develop in any of the fitness areas. Regular performance of stretching exercises gives you benefits in sports and daily life.

The formation of posture

For good posture little to work on strength shoulders and core muscles should be not only strong, but elastic. When muscles are overloaded with training and scored, the man begins to stoop. Work on stretching gives balance and creates a correct posture.

Accessibility training

Good stretching expands the range of available exercises. In order to do low squats, the necessary stretching of the thigh muscles, for exercise on chest and arms – flexibility and mobility of shoulder girdle muscles.

The better the stretch, the more exercises you can afford.
Reducing the risk of injury

Clogged tight muscles injure easily, not only in training, but when performing simple actions in life. Regular stretching increases your range of motion. During strength training there is a risk to injure the shoulder or hamstring, but if the muscles are sufficiently flexible and the joints are quite mobile, the risk will be much lower.

Getting rid of lower back pain

For lower back pain usually complain are those who spend most of the day in a sitting position. It is the result of underdevelopment of the muscles of the buttocks and hips, hamstrings, spine receives excessive load and responds by pain. When stretching there is a uniform development of muscles, they take some of the load from the spine and knees.

The health of the knees

Daily knee joints are subjected to extremely high loads. Underdeveloped hamstrings are weak and tight, it causes an imbalance in the legs and increases the level of pressure on the knees. Stretching of muscles and tendons provides support for the knee joints when walking, running and squats.

Purification of mind

Classes stretching relieve not only physical but also mental stress. Only 10-15 minutes of active stretching – this is a reboot for mental activity. If you do yoga or stretching in the morning, then a positive effect will be felt throughout the day.

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