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Why do I feel sick after exercise?

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If you feel nauseous after a workout, this does not mean that your body won’t be taken sports. There are several objective reasons why after a workout comes the nausea.

If you feel nauseous after a workout, it does not mean that your body is organic does not accept a sport. Nausea after exercise can be caused by wrong choice of food or the time of its admission, and excessive exercise intensity. The feeling of nausea indicates that mistakes should not be viewed as an indicator of productivity or physical insolvency.

The question is, why am I feeling sick after a workout, can relate to both novice and Olympic champion, from it nobody is insured. The most common cause lies in the mechanical action on the gastrointestinal tract. During exercise the blood rushes to the muscles, internal organs suffer from lack of it. If in the stomach will be food, she will not be able to properly digested.

The more intense the exercise, the more blood required by the muscles, the stronger will be deprived of stomach. But the feeling of nausea does not mean the need to reduce the intensity of stress, you may want to reconsider your snack before training. If there is less than an hour before the workout, the feeling of nausea will become almost inevitable.

Another reason is to use before exercise foods high in saturated fat. French fries and bacon – a bad snack before exercise if you puke in class, this will happen immediately after. In order to digest fatty foods, the body needs to produce more bile and spend more time. During physical exertion the gall bladder will be under pressure, he will not be able to operate normally in such conditions.

Nausea manifests itself as a reaction not only to fatty foods, the same thing can happen after spicy foods, highly acidic foods, and beverages and foods containing caffeine.

What to eat before workout to avoid nausea? The snack before training emphasis should be placed on low-fat protein foods and slow carbohydrates for replenishment of forces. Nausea can be caused by dehydration, so before workout and during it we must not forget about the water.

If these measures don’t help and you still feel sick, then you need to think about their health. If nausea is combined with symptoms such as fever, chest pain, seizures, dark urine, a complete absence of sweating, then you need certainly to go to the doctor. When you throw up after a workout, it’s impossible to ignore, nausea may be a symptom not only incorrect behavior, but dangerous diseases.

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