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Why can't I pump a press?

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Beautiful press is a dream of many guys and girls, they devote a lot of time to working out the abdominal muscles, but they do not always come to the result. If you constantly do twisting and stand in the bar, focusing your workout on the press, this does not guarantee that the muscles will react as you want. Genetics plays an important role in fitness, but in the case of working on one of the biggest muscles, the pressure, proper training means more genetics. If you shake a press, but you can’t pump it up in any way, then listen to these recommendations, they will definitely help.

The development of the abdominals involves the work of many muscles, not just those about which you think when you look in the mirror. The most difficult thing about working on the press is self-deception. Doing any exercise on the press, you will feel that the muscles work, and you will be sure that everything is going as it should. You can perform three sets of 50 twists each time, your press will burn, but this is not enough to give the muscles a real challenge.

Few people know that working on the press involves not only twisting, this group of muscles is well influenced by sprints, jumps, throwing heavy objects, as well as other exercises, the direct purpose of which is to develop explosive power. Consider the most common interference on the way to a beautiful press.

Ability to create tension

Under the tension of the press usually understand the tension in the rectus abdominis muscle, it is good if you are preparing for a blow to the stomach, but not quite suitable for working out the press. It will not be easy to learn how to target all the muscles, you must feel and remember these feelings.

Sit on the floor and straighten your back, place your hands in the lumbar region on both sides of the spine, to feel the muscles work under your palms. Bend the body, as you usually do when twisting, and if you do not feel any muscle activity under the palms, it means that you just bend the spine, not providing the muscles with the desired load.

If the movement is done correctly, then you will feel how the ribs stretch towards the center, and the muscles in the lower back, on which the palms are located, contract. Lightly pull the shoulders back and the tension will become stronger. Remember these sensations, just such they should be when performing twisting.

sits on the floor with a flat back

Connection to the work of the buttocks

This may seem illogical, but the gluteus muscles perform certain functions that have an important effect on the work of the press. The gluteal muscles change the position of the hips relative to the body, the angle of study of the abdominal muscles varies. Completing the bar, straining the buttocks as much as possible and watch what happens at this moment with the press. When doing the strap, it will also be useful to squeeze the muscles in the armpits, this exercise will be incredibly difficult.

standing in the bar

Mobility – more stretch marks – less

Static stretching for a few seconds or even minutes is good, but it is unlikely to give good results when working on the press. The most effective strategy for working on the press is a short, intensive approach of basic exercises. You should choose movements that will involve the hips, middle and upper back.

Spending two minutes in the classic bracket is not as effective as several sets of 10 seconds of side slats in a row.

Speed ​​increase

To work out the press, you need to increase the speed, that is, to reduce the time spent on each repetition while maintaining the tension in the target muscles. With each approach and replay, push yourself to achieve maximum speed and intensity.


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