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Why belly fat not going away?

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If you constantly train and control your diet, but can not get rid of belly fat, then this is important information for you. Reasons why your belly fat does not go away.

The older the person becomes, the harder it is to get rid of belly fat due to slower metabolism. Losing belly fat harder than in any other area, you can train hard and follow the diet, but not to see results. These are the most common reasons why your belly fat does not disappear.

Do you eat processed foods

The first and most obvious reason why processed foods is not only fast food and processed foods. To get rid of belly fat, you need to cut back on processed foods in your diet, including bread and pastries, all fried foods.

The wrong type of fats

In order to lose belly fat, it is not necessary to refuse completely from all fat in the diet. It’s a little complicated, you need to give up bad fats and make sure to have adequate intake of good fats.

Under the harmful fats we realize saturated, they are present in the products of red meat, useful under – unsaturated avocado, nuts and seeds.
Wrong type of exercise

Running and other cardio is a great choice for the health of the cardiovascular system, but they will not rid you of belly fat. In order to effectively burn the internal fat, I need to combine the cardio load and work with heavy equipment.

Attention only on the stomach

If all efforts are only focused on the abdomen, then it won’t work. You can’t lose fat locally, only in one area, so inherent nature. If you only do exercises for the stomach will not weight in any of the zones.

Little sleep

In America held a large-scale study involving 70 thousand volunteers, researchers have established a link between obesity and quantity of sleep. It turned out that sleep less than five hours per day by 30% increases the likelihood of obesity.

You’re very tired

In order to get rid of belly fat, you first have to get rid of stress. When you’re tense, you’re more prone to emotional overeating. That’s not all, stress causes the body to release the hormone cortisol, a dangerous situation, in which the body part of fat reserves.

Case in genetics

In most cases it’s an excuse, but sometimes it is. Some people tend to gain weight in the waist area due to a hereditary predisposition. Usually this applies to women, not everyone is as lucky to have the hourglass figure type with a pronounced waist and a uniform distribution of fat deposits.


The inability to lose weight while great effort may be due to the presence of the disease. This may be a sign of imbalance in the hormonal background or of developing diabetes.

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