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Why are your hands do not become stronger?

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You spend a lot of time and effort on training the hands, but they are not getting stronger and not even come in tone? Most likely you choose the wrong weight or allow one of these errors.

You want to create the best hand, but your efforts lead to nothing? Spend a lot of time and effort on training the hands, but they are not getting stronger and not even come in tone. You may raise the wrong weight break technique, doing exercises in the wrong order or allow one of these errors.

Too many isolated exercises

This mistake is made by those who want to lose hand fat, they make a hundred on the triceps extension, but do not lose weight. Isolated exercises should work in the complex, they will not lead to the goal, even if you do them with a very high weight. Isolated exercises tone the muscles, but they are powerless against fat. You should perform exercises such as pushups and pullups, if they will involve more muscles.

Heavy enough weight

Fear of high weight – it’s a woman’s prerogative, girls are afraid to pick up something heavier than a tiny kettlebell and upset with the lack of results. In order to achieve a substantial increase in strength and noticeable transformation hand, you need to take a weight that will stimulate muscle. The weight should be such that a single approach you could do no more than 8-12 repetitions.

You have bad posture

Look at yourself in the mirror during exercise, what happens to your posture? If you see hunched back and shoulders is reduced, it is a huge mistake. All exercises should be performed with a neutral spine position. Control the position of the back and shoulders, to convince of the correctness of the position every few iterations.

Poor General fitness

This is obvious, but many manage to forget the bad General physical form not only reduces the progress but also creates a risk of injury. For qualitative performance of exercises on hand, you must have strong muscles of the core.

You should not put the elbows in front of your chest, while the load will not go on the biceps, and in front of the Delta.
You only work at one angle

Training biceps is not only a lifting on a biceps, for qualitative examination is needed to affect the muscles at different angles. The muscle fibers of the biceps run from the upper part to the upper part of the forearm, they are located at different angles. Changing the position of the hands, you work all the fibers and avoiding the imbalances in their development.

You don’t follow the diet

Work on the hands should be held not only in the gym but in the kitchen. In order to get rid of fat and lead to muscle tone, it is necessary to enrich the diet with protein. Amino acids from protein serve as building materials to repair damaged muscle fibers. Also you must take in enough healthy fats and vegetables. Processed foods and sugar should be minimized.

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