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Why are the splits: 7 the advantages of fatty

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Why are the splits: 7 the advantages of fatty

The contents

  • To increase the elasticity of muscles
  • Improved posture
  • The development of perseverance, endurance
  • Prevention of varicose veins
  • Strengthen and increase joint mobility
  • Normalization of the bowel
  • Increase self-esteem

You met a fantastically flexible people who can easily sit on transverse or longitudinal splits? If you wish to learn to perform almost acrobatic feats can people at any age and with any level of physical fitness. Of course, to achieve the result will have to work hard. However, the reward for the athlete will not only be the fulfillment of a cherished dream, but also the health benefits. The portal MedAboutMe offers to see the most obvious advantages that gives you the ability to do the splits.

To increase the elasticity of muscles

The ability to do the splits — is a high elasticity of muscles and ligaments. Regularly and properly stretching the muscles, you reduce the risk of injury in sports or a simple fall. Also good elasticity to allow the body to recover faster after exercise, faster to cope with the pain after a workout.

How long can you do the splits? It turns out, even during intense workouts the muscles are stretched for 3-4 cm per month. By simple calculations and by evaluating their physical form and natural flexibility you can imagine how many will sit on the twine is you. The work may take only a month and a longer period.

Improved posture

Good flexibility — the key to grace, smooth movements. When you perform stretching exercises to strengthen the spine. This means that you will have less to ache, and the feet will become beautiful.

The development of perseverance, endurance

In order to do the splits, little one desire only. You need to put a lot of effort not to drop the class halfway, overcome pain, and to triumph over his body. Along with the development of flexibility you will be working on the ability not to give up in difficult situations, sense of self-control and endurance.

Expert commentaryby Yulia Abramova, a coach group and individual programs, gym instructor

I am often asked, why do you need to do the splits? A good stretch is needed not only for the beauty and pride of the athletes. The ability to do the splits brings practical benefits to health, well-being:

  • Improvement of blood circulation, the functioning of organs of small pelvis and abdominal cavity.
  • Increased mobility of the pelvis, sacral.
  • Prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system.
  • Normalization of the menstrual cycle, contributed to conception and subsequent childbirth.
  • Stretching, rehabilitation of the spine, prevention of scoliosis, improve posture.
  • Strengthening the abdominal muscles, legs, getting rid of excess weight on the feet.
  • Reducing psycho-emotional stress, the appearance of self-confidence, better mood.

Prevention of varicose veins

Regular performance of stretching exercises can improve blood circulation. The vessels become elastic, and this means that there is less risk of varicose veins. Exercise split is often recommended to use in training people who are already familiar with varicose veins.

Strengthen and increase joint mobility

This is a particularly important advantage for women planning to become mothers. The pursuit of improving flexibility of the hip joints, in the future you will be able to facilitate the birth process. And joint mobility will make it easy to master the different sports areas — yoga, dance, gymnastics, cardio Barre, Pilates, etc. You will not feel stiffness.

Stretching and flexibility are directly dependent on two factors: age and gender. It is believed that women find it easier to learn to do the splits due to the natural flexibility. Also women are easier to tolerate exercise. With regard to age, of course, the fastest way to the splits children than adults.

Normalization of the bowel

Landing in the splits contributes to the optimal functioning of the digestive system. Pelvic muscles will be toned, which plays an important role in the prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system. You will forget about problems with a chair and treat yourself to good health. Agree, a nice bonus to the new achievement?

Increase self-esteem

For many people the ability to do the splits is one of the brightest sporting purposes. A good stretch will allow you to feel freer, more relaxed. A victory over yourself will improve your mood and give confidence.

Review expertElena lyzlova, expert in functional diagnostics

Beautiful legs, round butt, flexibility in movement, flexibility. Isn’t that what every woman dreams of? Every day hundreds of women take the decision to do the splits not having enough ideas about how to do it without harm for health, for what period of time this will be possible and also what exactly are the advantages of this achievement.

  • Improving the effectiveness of the training. Relaxed muscles effectively reduced during training. This fact is explained by the fact that stretched muscle tissue is capable of a greater range of motion when doing power exercises.
  • The development of inner qualities. Achievement goals in physical activity requires some willpower, intrinsic motivation and patience. It is impossible to achieve all at once a wave of the hand and a wave of a magic wand.
  • Beauty and flexibility. Thanks to the implementation of the complex of exercises for stretching, the body has a nice athletic shape. Toned buttocks, thighs, good posture, flexibility and fluidity of movement are only part of the benefits that a person receives as a result of twine.

The splits can everyone. However, it should be remembered that the achievement of the result is determined by the following factors:

1. Genetic predisposition (innate flexibility).

2. Motivation (the strongest motivation is that which comes from within the person).

3. By the time that person will devote to achieve your goal. We should start with a small set of exercises for flexibility should start with 10-15 minutes daily. Long breaks will lead to the fact that every time you will need to re-adapt the organism and the goal will be postponed.

4. By force of will. Do you have decided to do the splits? Then do it. Before training it is recommended to consult a specialist in this area to arm exercise technique.

Remember that to achieve results it is best to do stretching daily. Special exercises should ideally be performed in the morning, when the body is actively involved in the work. The greatest effect can be achieved if the splits after power loads.

Learn to do the splits and prove to yourself that anything is possible!

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