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Why am I feeling sick after a workout

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Nausea after exercise is a common problem. It is not always connected with the nature of the load, or diseases. Small irregularities in diet, lack of recovery or the individual characteristics of the organism can cause it to attack. But sometimes “muddy” condition is a sign of health problems. To get rid of nausea can help the knowledge of its causes.

The contents

  • 1 the Main causes of nausea after exercise
    • 1.1 pressure Differences
    • 1.2 Malaise
    • 1.3 Reduced blood sugar levels
    • 1.4 the Lack of iron (anemia)
    • 1.5 Heavy food in the stomach
    • 1.6 sodium Deficiency
    • 1.7 Heat stroke
    • 1.8 Reduction in blood flow to the gastric mucosa
    • 1.9 Poisoning or an allergic reaction
    • 1.10 Dehydration
    • 1.11 Deficiency of carbohydrates, glucose
  • 2 What to do when you feel sick after a workout?

The main causes of nausea after exercise

Pressure drops

Hypotensive familiar feeling of weakness after exercise. Symptoms appear quickly:

  • Increased sweating;
  • Dizzy;
  • There is a “shortness of breath;
  • Changed visual perception in the eyes may darken

Doctors recommend to monitor the pressure in training day, and to postpone the lesson if there is a problem. Need to get specific recommendations for drawing up a training plan, nutrition, and drugs with a GP and sports doctor.


Women feel it in the last third of the menstrual cycle. And it’s totally natural. Nausea may be a reaction to the increase of the uterus. General poor health is caused by lack of sleep, starting a cold or a headache. In this case, Amateur is better to skip training, and professionals need to reduce the load within reasonable limits.

Reduced blood sugar levels

Sugar crash –a problem losing weight on a low carbohydrate diet. They should take the BCA to support the body during heavy training. All who are trying to lose weight, needs to eat balanced, and eat complex carbs before training. If there is no possibility, allowed the fruit half an hour before class, but from the juices should be abandoned. They abruptly increase the blood sugar level, and as quickly “bring down” him.

Iron deficiency (anemia)

Constant nausea and the feeling of “a light head” can be symptoms of anemia. After training, the malaise is getting worse. If the problem is recurrent, is to hand over the biochemical analysis of blood, and follow the doctor’s recommendations. Usually prescribe iron capsules. The condition is not a contraindication to moderate physical training.

Heavy food in the stomach

Dense meals may be the cause of nausea. The food has time to digest, in the stomach, and stopping to engage in full force. Nausea can be avoided if you take the enzymes with a hearty meal, or to plan your diet so that the food intake was not directly before exercise. The problem persists, any healthy food is “too heavy”? It is recommended to be examined by a gastroenterologist. The cause of gravity may be not only overeating, but the lack of certain enzymes, which need to be adjusted.

The lack of sodium

Sodium is a trace element to maintain the water-salt balance. His ion is not enough, the person may be vomiting. The body of “hints” that it would be nice to drink mineral water, or eat salty foods. Sodium is excreted with sweat, with active exercise is a natural process.

Sodium can be taken as advanced, tablets, and regular table iodized salt. Don’t sit on a salt-free diet without medical need, and nausea will not

Heat stroke

Overheating – a common reaction to school in poorly ventilated rooms, reception thermogenic and attempts to “merge” the weight, performing exercises in termolecular. In heat stroke nausea accompanied by vomiting, the person feels very bad, his mind a tangled, incoherent speech, he can “turn off”. In this case, it is necessary to lay the patient so that he choked on vomit, loosen the clothing, to ensure air flow and to call an ambulance.

The decrease in blood flow to the gastric mucosa

This is a common problem among the security forces. If you use too tight weightlifting belt, to unbutton his belt after the approach, the circulation can be broken. And as soon as the stomach is a certain amount of food, the body will try to get rid of unwanted natural way to grow up. It is therefore not recommend the hard wearing belts in the gym, as well as exercises that require natureline in the zone.

Poor circulation is a common problem among lovers of corsets for weight loss and waist reduction. Perhaps such equipment on and off of work obliques, but vomiting from its use will be almost inevitable. Health’s sake, I just have to learn to do the exercises correctly and not waste time on the selection of belts.

Poisoning or an allergic reaction

Allergen can be anything from the spirits of the beautiful neighbor on the treadmill, to the phenolic compounds that produce bottles for water some unscrupulous manufacturers. Dizziness and nausea with vomiting, loss of consciousness and oedema of the serious symptoms that the affected need immediate help. Allergies should carry a nebulizer, and warn the staff about possible health problems.


The water deficit can be accompanied by convulsions and “limit to” nausea. Dehydration in combination with alcohol intoxication on the eve of the athlete vomits bile in the mouth is a metallic taste. If dehydration is caused by an incorrectly organized diet for weight loss (salt-free the diet in the hot season), you should immediately give electrolytes, such as “regidron” or drink “Gatorade”. When the poisoning is necessary to call the doctor. If you have muscle cramps, even minimal, training was stopped and the athlete to show the doctor.

The deficiency of carbohydrates, glucose

Normal people should have a certain amount of glucose in the blood. Hypoglycemia pursues those who are on a low carbohydrate diet. A little that such a diet can be dangerous to the health of the non-professional athlete, so he also contributes to the appearance of nausea during exercise. The best advice here is to adjust the diet so that the diet created a slight deficiency of calories allowed to lose weight, but not forced to suffer from nausea every workout.

Of vomiting during and after exercise can those who have removed the gallbladder, or who suffered pancreatitis. In this case, you need to see a doctor for primary disease.

Important: if nausea has appeared with high-intensity training, on the background of overtraining and fatigue, you should seek help immediately. It is known that the overload of this kind can cause rhabdomyolysis, a condition in which catabolic processes literally destroy the body, and the excretory system.

What to do when you feel sick after a workout?

To prevent nausea you can drink some water or tea, eat something sweet or take glucose any drug of sports nutrition. It helps, but only if the nausea caused by hypoglycemia.

If a person is sick, but not yet aware of their disease, the chocolates do not stop the symptoms. Because when traditional remedies do not work, you need to seek medical help.

Prevention of nausea after a workout can be the following:

  • Normal diet. Fractional meals 3-4 hours with plenty of complex carbohydrates before exercise. The last meal before the class is about 2 hours;
  • Reasonable use of additives. Strict diet for weight loss should be taken during workout amino acid complex to prevent too rapid loss of nutrients and catabolism of the muscles;
  • Compliance with the water balance. Drink at least 30-40 oz of water per 1 kg of body weight. In hot weather you should drink more if classes prolonged or high-intensity, best to choose isotonic;
  • Control of blood composition and proper selection of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and additional sports nutrition products.

Nausea after exercise is a common problem. Understand the causes of its occurrence, and try not to ignore the discomfort. In fitness it is important to distribute load to maintain health and to achieve their goals without the discomfort, pain and poor health.

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