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Eat together!

Only proper nutrition

Which diet will help you? Define our test!

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Test: Which diet suits you?

Question 1 of 8

What is your body type?

I’m slim, with long legs, small Breasts, medium height or above average

I have a strong Constitution, I have good muscles, short stature

I have medium height, narrow shoulders and a small waist but full hips and legs

I have a small or medium height, slender arms and legs, but almost no waist

Question 2 of 8

How are you sporting?

I’m pretty active, I walk a lot, but specifically does not do sports

I love sports, go to exercise 2 times a week at least, or do it at home

I calmly refer to sports, I prefer yoga, Pilates, stretch and others not too active classes

Sports and me? Are you kidding me!

Question 3 of 8

What character traits do you dominate?

I am energetic, optimistic, easy to adapt to any situation

I’m balanced, I have a strong nervous system, I am reasonable and rational

I know how to listen, empathize, love to help people, surround of all care

I’m an introvert, I find it difficult to communicate with people for a long time, I prefer solitude, I love nature

Question 4 of 8

How to change your feeling during the day?

It’s unpredictable.

It doesn’t change, as I woke up, so during the day and I would feel.

In the morning I no, and after lunch you can move mountains!

In the morning I’m full of energy, and in the evening — squeezed lemon.

Question 5 of 8

In what area do you gain weight faster?

Waist and upper thighs.

On my stomach and arms.

On the buttocks and thighs.


Question 6 of 8

If you offer you a sandwich, you put on bread…

Something sweet.

Milk something.

Something sharp.

Something greasy.

Question 7 of 8

If you are cooking pasta that you prefer…



Only with Parmesan


Question 8 of 8

The delicious snack is…


Cake, cupcake, cake

Cheese, nuts

Chips, crackers

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