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Only proper nutrition

Where to get energy this winter? Advice from popular bloggers and experts.

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You travel a lot and share stories from different parts of the world. Share with us the secret of how to make life more active and interesting.

The main thing — not to fear change and seek to expand his horizons. New country is like other worlds, and life there is lived different, always different. Still very important to me that the journey was not only recreation and acquaintance with the new place, but also related to sports, work and achievement of results.

Do you follow some kind of power system?

Never sat on a diet specifically, but I try to eat right, eliminate the harmful junk food and drink plenty of water.

Snowboard or surf and why?

This is, perhaps, my favorite sport, and I think that one is better not to choose, and to combine them. More recently, all the time I’ve dedicated to snowboarding — always in the snow! But once a year still tried to go to the ocean and switch my thoughts to the surf. Snowboarding to me is more than a career goal, occupation, and surf a hobby and a dream.

In the project “SuperVOOC Charging” you shared with the readers his exclusive version of fast physical exercises in just 10 minutes. What is interesting due to the participation in the project did you find out?

In this project I tested the new OPPO — RX17 Pro, he’s got a great camera and, moreover, there is a cool feature very fast charging SuperVOOC. For me this is important, because I travel often and fast charging allows you not to lose time in vain and always be mobile.

What is the goal you would like to implement in the coming year?

I now develop his own brand of clothing, namely, balaclavas SmiLife (scarves with hoods), and my dream, that all was warm and comfortable.

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Tell me why for the name of your profile you choose is vsemshpagat?

Six years ago, I was one of the first in the world to promote stretching, and as for the splits, for many in General was the discovery that in adulthood we can put a man on at least one of the twines. In fact, at that time appeared the first Russian Studio stretch — TOPSTRETCHING®. I feel not only my body, but the bodies of customers, and coaching with a light hand (and sometimes not very easy 🙂 people put on splits.

Do you have some kind of daily ritual, without which you can’t imagine your day?

Of course! Every morning one hour I devote only to yourself: stretching, hasbinding, easy pumping, a cold shower or read your favorite motivational literature. Every day I try to start anew and not to repeat the classes during the week. So I constantly evolving.

What role play in your life tattoo?

I have seven tattoos, and all of them thoughtful, none that I regret. Each displays a happy or difficult (or both) the time of my life. When the negativity builds up inside, I’m going to stretch and it frees me. When my life changes, I hit a new tattoo to remember about this period.

What discoveries have you made during participation in the special “SuperVOOC Charging”?

I genuinely liked the phone’s camera and the model as a whole. Two weeks testing it, and it’s absolutely a positive experience. Recharge a smartphone 2-3 times a day, exactly the same as the charge (in sports), and use RX17 Pro I am quite active, because my life is an endless stream of events!

How did your life change with the birth of a daughter?

Much changed exclusively for the better! The feeling that life began again. I began to many things treated even with more awareness, to care for their parents. I realized how much work this is — to carry, deliver and raise this little germ that every day blooms like a flower!

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Your videos and photos inspiration for half a million subscribers. Share your advice with our readers how to make their lives as interesting as possible and look at everything positively?

Dream big! I live and follow my dream. Dream is the Foundation, the starting point in the journey of life. For me it is very important to live consciously, to do what makes me smile. I like to meet new people, they often teach me something new. I have no big secret — the dream, the awareness, the environment that inspires, the ability to always appreciate the little things and, of course, travel!

Deciding to move to another country for most of the challenge. Tell me how you moved from planning to action?

The most important thing is to make a workable plan to implement the relocation. Nothing to fear, and to look truth in the eye! When I was going, I knew I’d have to start from scratch, I was ready for this and bought a one way ticket.

Tell us about your sports project. How and why did you decide to organize it?

Those who have been following me in social media know that I’m a fan of projects that bring people together. I went through excessive thinness, and in excess weight, through the eternal desire to lose weight. I know that when you want to change something in yourself, but don’t do it. But constantly abuse yourself mentally, causing a depressive mood. After that, I decided to create a project that will focus not only on the sports aspect, but also on human psychology. This is especially important for those who, coming into the hall, not know what to do, afraid of sidelong glances and often because of this refuses training. I decided to help to make the first step for those who don’t know how.
Then have appeared the contest #Cococabana, which has helped hundreds of ordinary girls not only get in shape but also restore order in your life. And another — to fulfill a dream thanks to the cash prize.

In the project “SuperVOOC Charging” you shared with the readers his exclusive version of fast physical exercises in just 10 minutes. What is interesting due to the participation in the project did you find out?

To be honest, I was surprised by the new technology SuperVOOC! It really works! The developers are cool guys! Such projects inspire me and make think about how far we can go with new technologies.

You have a very long and beautiful hair, can you say that they are your strength?
My hair is really my jewel and super-strength! Well-groomed, shiny and healthy hair adornment for any girl.

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