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Where does the extra weight?

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Why in recent times more and more people suffering from obesity? Where are the extra pounds that affect their appearance? World statistics on the issue of obesity over the past decade.

Statistics show that the Asian-Pacific region is a growing tendency to obesity. In fact, the number of people with obesity has increased worldwide, but in certain regions the situation is so obvious. The rapid growth of obesity leads to increased comorbidities and early mortality. Analysis of the prevalence of obesity has helped to identify predisposing factors.

Mass obesity-induced shift of the energy balance under the wag culture and society. Also the most important factor remains a genetic component. The increase in average weight occurs in those segments of society that are affected by changes in the gene pool to a very small extent.

About 30% of cases of obesity directly or indirectly caused by environmental change and modernization.

The problem of obesity in urban and rural areas is manifested in different ways. One of the best examples is China. China’s population constitutes one of the most static populations in the world, however, they are catching up with Western indicators on the prevalence of excess weight and obesity. And the transition occurred relatively recently and took a short period of time.

The prevalence of overweight and obesity among people living in rural areas is much lower than among people living in the city. If we consider the example of China, a sharp increase of overweight in cities amounted to 12.3% for men and 14.4 for women, the same indicators for rural areas was 5.3% for men and 9.8% for women. The increasing prevalence of obesity in China coincided with the dynamic development of urbanization and modernization, changes have led to a decrease in physical activity and the complexity of the work.

The growth of obesity in China and around the world coincided with global changes in the diet of the average person, especially among urban residents. The amount of energy consumed from animal sources is higher, due to this increased overall average power consumption. It is obvious that the combination of increased caloric intake and decreased physical activity have led to such a global rise of obesity. To the problem of obesity has affected you and your loved ones, think about caloric intake and physical activity should be before the appearance of significant amounts of extra pounds.

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