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What you need to know before going to the climbing wall?

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Scaling the heights of the climbing wall is an interesting experience, but to do this everyone can. But before the first visit to the climbing wall, you must learn a few important things.

A visit to the climbing wall is not just a activity and way to have fun with friends, it’s a full-body workout. Mountain climbing develops muscle strength, balance and strategic thinking. If you decided to try yourself as a climber, it is a list of the things you should learn before your first visit.

Check with the basics

In order not to waste time on the climbing wall, learn about the theoretical part of the house. It is important to know how to use the system of insurance, in a moment on hands need to apply chalk to improve grip. Staff will have safety training, but to see him beforehand will not be superfluous.

Grading system

In the gym every action receives its rating, the harder it is to conquer the ledge, the more points it will bring. A large number of points raises self-esteem, but if you focus solely on the numbers, then part of the fun of ascension is lost. Beginners better to focus on the acquisition of basic skills and rejoice in each small victory, points ahead.

Good shoes

The conquest of the protrusions need to cling to their arms and legs if with hands everything is clear, it is about convenience for the feet will have to think in advance. Shoes must exactly match the size and fit snugly to the leg. The Shoe material should be dense, but subtle at the same time, to provide traction and high sensitivity.

The first experience is usually not very successful

No one is born with the skills of a climber, they need to gain through practical exercises. For the first time on kalorama all look ridiculous, feel awkward, and that’s fine. Do not be afraid to fall, fall even climbers with experience, each drop is a new experience and contribution to the Bank of skills.

With increasing strength and agility drop will occur less frequently.
A climbing wall safe

To train in the gym much safer than to conquer these mountains. Maybe after some time you will want to test your skills in the wild. Go to the real mountains only if you are completely confident in the skills of a climber, but even in this case, it should be a good insurance policy.

The company will be more fun

Conquer the climbing wall alone is not as fun as in the company. If there is a boyfriend, he can watch from the side, over a ledge, you should be comfortable to hold on, to move on. Climbing involves social activity, it combines the pleasant difficulties that bring people together.

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