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What you need to know about weight training weight

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To achieve a beautiful body do not have to rush to buy a subscription to the gym, workout without trainers are not inferior in effectiveness. Exercises without equipment this strength exercises with its own weight.

Helpful information in the book by Bret Contreras

One of the most popular and useful sources for understanding strength training weight is the book “Anatomy of strength exercises using your own weight”, the author is an experienced trainer in the field of fitness Bret Contreras. In this manual detailed information that will be useful to both novices and experienced athletes.

The author expounded information about the anatomical structure of the body. This point is very important because without it people will not understand what exercises to work different muscle groups. Contreras also presented in its publication of the program of training with its own weight, which include 156 exercises.

Advantage of benefits to such publications is a way of presenting information and a detailed explanation of the author to every exercise. This book is a great option for people who do not have the ability or desire to visit the fitness centers and gyms. The manual will help to understand the basic aspects of building a fit body.

Varieties of strength training with their own weight

The advantage of this type of training is its cheapness, because it only need your body and some household equipment. The disadvantage in this case is that all the information about the technique of a sequence of exercises and what muscle group targeted workouts, you will have to explore on your own. However, today it is not much difficulty as there are many useful information resources available to everyone.

Despite the fact that home workouts are weight bearing in no way inferior to training in the fitness center, this technique has lost its former popularity. This happened due to the fact that gyms have become popular among men and women. However, training at home can easily compete with any kind of workouts in the fitness center. Bodyweight exercises can help you lose weight or gain muscle mass.

To train to lose weight is possible at home or at the stadium. The main rule is to do the exercises regularly and then the result will not keep itself waiting. Basic training generally consists of:

  • warm-up;
  • squats;
  • attacks;
  • push-UPS;
  • of crunches;
  • strap.

It is recommended to accelerate weight loss do these exercises with high intensity and short rest between sets. Also circuit training will help to speed up the appearance of the result.

Most bodybuilders are adamantly against the theory of building muscle without weights. This is the truth, however, allow the muscles to tone and strengthen endurance with these workouts possible.

Key tips

Like any other kind of training, bodyweight exercises have their recommendations to implementation.

The first and most important is compliance with the correct breathing techniques that will increase the productivity of the workout and helps activate the burning of fat deposits. At maximum load, you should take a breath, and with a minimum of – breath, this applies to all types of exercises.

Of course, we should not forget about the correct implementation of each element of training, it will help to avoid injury and increase the effectiveness of the training. Incorrectly performed exercise will not bring any result.

In the training with their own weight, it is recommended to work each exercise to failure. Static members of classes to be performed without haste, straining each muscle group.

There are several schemes of training sessions to various muscles, namely:

  • upper body (back, shoulders, chest, arms, upper abs);
  • the lower (buttocks, legs, abs, lower abdomen and lower back).

Thus, we can conclude that classes with its own weight – a great alternative to a workout at the gym. There are many exercises for this kind of training that allows you to make each session unique and functional. This method requires only time, effort, and regularity, no material costs without the need. Very important in this type of exercise to have the self-discipline and iron willpower. Also, a person must have a strong motivation not to quit before reaching the goal. Not having these qualities, man will not succeed and, accordingly, will not appreciate strength training without equipment.

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