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What you need to know about slimming corsets?

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In corsets for waist is nothing new, they became popular in the 16th century and in demand to this day. Now the popular workout with the corset on the waist, but they have a downside.

Corsets at the waist is not new, they have become popular in the 16th century and since then regularly seen a revival of demand. Now common not only slimming corsets to add visual harmony, but also corsets to train waist. Before you buy a corset, you need to understand how safe they are.

The effect of the corset comes instantly

Instantly slimming corset makes the waist more slender, and it has a positive psychological effect. Wearing a corset, the girls become more confident, they feel attractive. If this advantage will give impetus to further improvements, then a corset will be a very valuable acquisition.

A corset will not help to lose weight

No corset will not make you lose body fat. The only way weight loss is exercise with reduced caloric intake. The corset will visually reduce the volume on one-two size, but it will not change anything, removing the corset, you will return to old form.

The corset can be very uncomfortable

Some old-fashioned corsets were more like torture. The modern corsets are much better, but one can argue that their use comfortable. The corset will strongly pull the waist, this is its main role, the breathing is hampered, the stomach will rise closer to the chest, the back is subjected to excessive stress. Corsets often cause nausea and bruising at the waist.

An incorrect size can cause serious damage – deformation of the internal organs, particularly the stomach and kidney, broken bones and cracked ribs.
Corsets can be useful after pregnancy

In most cases corsets will not bring long-term results, but they will be useful for women who have recently given birth. After birth the body must return to its original shape, corset for waist will provide support and accelerate the process of transformation of the body.

You can’t carry all the time

There will be nothing wrong if you use the corset for several hours a day, even better would be to use it only for special occasions. Corsets cannot be worn constantly, the body will suffer from constant pressure.

Corset for waist training will not speed up fat burning

Many people believe that corset training speeds up the process of weight loss. In fact, additional weight loss will be temporary, the corset does not affect body fat. When training corset you’re going to sweat profusely, that is to lose fluid, not fat.

The corset can cause dehydration

The use of the corset during exercise can lead to dehydration, especially in warm room. Make sure you drink enough water at practice, otherwise you risk to feel weak and unhealthy.

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