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What you need to know about Pilates?

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Before you enroll in Pilates, you need to know some things about this area. What is Pilates? What purpose can achieve Pilates? Who should do Pilates?

Pilates is not as popular as yoga is, therefore, the majority of people do not know about its benefits. If yoga many are familiar personally or through friends, then Pilates is surrounded by mystery. Workout Pilates is aimed at strengthening the small stabilizing muscles throughout the body. Before you sign up for a Pilates class on or to ignore this direction, you need to know about a few facts.

How did Pilates?

The author of the method was Joseph Pilates, he began life sickly and weak child, but by adulthood he was able to experience himself as a boxer, diver, gymnast and skier. Unique Wellness approach was tested during the First world war, fitness training with simple props were used for the rehabilitation of victims from the fighting. After the war, the area became popular among dancers around the world, and later Pilates became known to a wider circle of people.

Many of the exercises were designed for people who can’t get up from his hospital bed, so they are available even for the inactive person.
How does Pilates?

Workout Pilates is not aimed at large volumetric muscle, and small muscles that perform the function of stabilizing the body. This is the reason for the popularity of Pilates among dancers, it is important to be strong and flexible, but it is not necessary to increase muscle mass. Performing each exercise begins with the alignment of the spine, even when action is directed to the limbs, hands or feet. The emphasis on stabilizing the body attracts athletes from all directions, Pilates is included in the program of elite athletes, for example, professional football players and basketball players.

What is Pilates?

Pilates classes involve the use of a simple set of hardware, so they can be carried out at home. Beginners Pilates often begin their journey with video lessons. Great attention is paid to breathing exercises through the developing diaphragm. Physical exercise is based on finding a balance, workouts include squats, planks, bridges, leg lifts and other exercises to stabilization.

In order to start doing Pilates, you will only need a Mat, other equipment is connected as necessary. Pilates for athletes and people with a good physical preparation involves the use of sophisticated equipment – unstable platforms, resistance bands, planks and other devices for stretching.

What result brings Pilates?

The result of Pilates training depends on the goals. Action restorative Pilates is designed to return mobility to the body after a serious injury or prolonged illness. Classical Pilates, which is recommended to beginners, strengthens the body, promotes the harmonious development of muscles and skeleton. Power Pilates is aimed at improving physical strength and endurance, stretch Pilates to increase flexibility of muscles, joints and tendons.

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