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What to wear to a fitness workout: tips for men and women

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What to wear to a fitness workout: tips for men and women

The contents

  • What to wear to a fitness workout
  • Clothing for the upper body
  • Pants, shorts, leggings
  • Shoes for active exercise
  • Accessories for the hall
  • How to avoid mistakes

The number of adherents of fitness is growing every year. A study at home, but most prefer to go to sports centres. To classes in the room was comfortable for you, and for others, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the rules of conduct in the fitness center. It is important to correctly choose clothes, shoes and accessories for their workouts. This will not only help to look properly, but also increase endurance, level of comfort and protect you from injury.

What to wear to a fitness workout

General requirements clothing for fitness are:

  • Convenience.

Clothes should not pull the body and restrict movement. You should choose a model with flat seams.

  • Practicality.

As workout clothes is used constantly, it needs to be easy to care for. Its form should not be influenced by frequent washing and intense physical activity. Therefore, usually choose clothes not cotton, and blended fabrics with the addition of elastane. It stretches, doesn’t absorb sweat, dries quickly after washing.

  • Beauty.

To do it was nice, choose a modern model of the favorite shades. This form will bring aesthetic pleasure and positive influence on the motivation.

Clothing for the upper body

T-shirt or a shirt should be such that it was convenient to move. Too tight clothes can restrict movement of the body, so it is better to choose a model poluoblegayuschie silhouette.

Girls should avoid too revealing items. Deep neckline can not only distract other athletes, but can also be unsafe for the chest, as in this case, it is difficult to provide her with good support.

There are many models of sports underwear for women. How high would exercise, they help to avoid discomfort and injuries. Girls with smaller Breasts instead of a bra use sports tops.

Training should take a sweatshirt or hoodie to avoid going outside after class. If the hall has powerful air conditioning, doing warm-up and stretching should be also wearing something on top of the shirt.

Pants, shorts, leggings

Most popular sports clothing for women leggings. They can be different lengths:

  • above the knee — “Cycling shorts”;
  • mid-calf — Capri;
  • the usual length.

For the room, you should choose models with a high rise, to feel confident when bending. The belt should be elastic without rubber bands. For men fit long shorts or leggings.

Doing to the gym, you should carefully choose clothes. Too wide models are unacceptable because they can cause accidental injury.

Shoes for active exercise

Now in everyday life, a sporty style. But shoes that look spectacular on the street, not always suitable for doing sports.

Training should select quality and most practical sports shoes. Model depends on what type of fitness you do.

  • Strength training with large weights should be carried out in special shoes — stagecoach. They are lightweight but durable. They have a hard non-slip sole and heel made of plastic with a height of about 2 cm.
  • Those who are passionate about powerlifting, fit high sneakers. They fit leg and lock your ankle.
  • For crossfit you want a versatile Shoe — breathable and sustainable. It should be easy to perform all the exercises are intense complex.
  • Running shoes suitable not only for running, and other cardio workouts. To run on the street should be more heavy shoes with thick soles. And classes in the hall suitable light models with mesh panels.
  • High top sneakers with the protection of ankle choose to practice step aerobics.
  • For fitness training with elements of Latin or other dance styles should walk in special shoes with a pivot point on the sole. Is the circle under your thumb, which makes it easy to perform dance moves.
  • Accessories for the hall

    Speaking of sports equipment, one should not forget about the useful accessories. What to bring to the gym?

    • Sports bag.

    It should contain everything you need: shape, water bottle, bath products, if you need a shaker for my protein shakes.

    • Sport towel.

    Intense exercise causes heavy sweating. So the room must be kept under the hand towel special absorbent fabric. Usually they are light and do not occupy much space.

    • All that is necessary for soul.

    Towel, Slippers, shampoo and gel will help you to look perfect even after strenuous exercise.

    • A bottle of water.

    It’s best to use a bottle of small size with a special metering valve.

    • Gloves for the gym.

    This accessory is required when working with large weights. Gloves prevent slipping of the projectile and help to train grip strength. They reduce the pressure on the fingers and allow you to retain their mobility.

    • Fitness bracelet.

    This modern gadget helps monitor the heart rate of the athlete, which is important for high intensity exercise.

    • Player.

    Music or audiobook can be a good addition on a long run or when on a stationary bike. But if exercises involve concentration on every movement, it is better not to be distracted. This is especially important for beginners.

    How to avoid mistakes

    Everyone who just starting going to the gym, need to know about the most common mistakes made by beginners.

    • Too much naked body.

    It can be short shorts and Frank shirts of girls, and lack of t-shirts for men. It is not hygienic and not always aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, many fitness centers, in its rules stipulate the prohibition to do with a naked torso, a minimal amount of clothing or barefoot. In the latter case, the exception may be those types of fitness, which do not need shoes — yoga, Pilates, callanetics: is it allowed to practice without shoes.

    • The incorrect shoes.

    Sometimes men chosen for training in the running shoes and beach Slippers — the so-called shale. This Shoe does not fix the feet and often has a slippery sole that almost always leads to injury.

    • Casual wear and underwear.

    Engage in regular shirts, pants and underwear, not only inconvenient, but unsafe. High temperature and humidity contribute to the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, fabrics that do not allow the body to breathe and expel moisture, contribute to dermatitis and other skin diseases. Overheating is also dangerous. Therefore, it is important to be engaged in sportswear.

    As for underwear, you should workouts to give, for example, a Thong and lace bra. You must choose practical sports underwear, capable of withstanding heavy-duty loads. It is designed to provide women with maximum comfort. In such clothes the body is able to breathe, and his chest gets the necessary support.

    • The use of perfume, harsh deodorants and other strong fragrances.

    Many believe that to stifle the smell of sweat can be abundantly inflicting on the body of perfume or toilet water. But, as in any other public place in a stuffy gym all the flavors can intensify and cause discomfort or allergic reactions in others. Therefore, for active training, you must choose the unscented antiperspirants, and perfumes and colognes should be abandoned altogether.

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