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What to replace fitness equipment at home?

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What to replace fitness equipment at home?
The contents

  • Replace dumbbells when training at home
  • Exercises with roller press: how to run without a shell
  • What kind of physical activity without the rod? And if it is not?
  • Than replacing the weights for different body parts?
  • Elastic tape — equipment for fitness, which is easy to find a replacement
  • Furniture as first assistants during lessons

Many people give up fitness training at home because there is no possibility to install in the room the appropriate equipment, but home practice can be no less functional than in the gym, if you approach this with SMARTS. The necessary sports equipment can be substituted with improvised means. So what can be used as special equipment at home?

Replace dumbbells when training at home

Dumbbells — one of the main and primary projectiles used in training. Dumbbells allow you to increase the load and thus more harmoniously develop all the muscles of the body, strength and stamina. The problem is that the body gradually gets used to the weight and dumbbells have to periodically change. Alternatively, you can purchase a portable model, but at first it is better not to spend money, and to use improvised means, for example, plastic bottles. Liter-and-a with the notch in the middle suitable for this purpose best. Make them harder, if filled with sand or salt, and the wet sand or salt weighs more.

Exercises with roller press: how to run without a shell

Exercises on press the key in many exercises. Without pretty pumped press is impossible to build a harmonious relief, so athletes pay great attention to upper and lower muscle group. “Grow” cherished “bricks” is not so simple, because it is one of the few muscles that are faster than others “forget” about the received exercise, and the hardest to be corrected. There is special equipment that can achieve their goals and effectively work the abdominal muscles is a roller. If it is not in your Arsenal — no problem. An ordinary rolling pin with spinning handles are quite capable to replace him, though it’s recommended to do on any rug.

But for the study of the oblique muscles of the abdomen, you can use an ordinary ball or pillow. Stand up straight, holding the projectile extending forward of the arms, expand housing and tilt the ball to the leg. Perform the same exercise in the opposite direction, to raise the shell up to eye level, taking the original position. One of the main conditions — to work in the fastest possible pace.

What kind of physical activity without the rod? And if it is not?

Physical exercise would be incomplete without consideration of the pectoral muscles in the bench press, and this requires a rod. In the absence of such, you can do improvised means, for example, conventional towels. Fitness at home spread them on the smooth floor and used to stop the hands while performing standard pushups. This significantly complicates the performance of the usual exercises, because the athlete is forced to keep balance and at the same time to follow the proper technique. Such training enables us to work out chest muscles without special weights.

The same towel can act as an alternative to the roller press, as well as slides, a special swimming lanes pumped leg muscles skaters or skaters. Fitness instructor Marina Starostina advises not to remove the towels away on a shelf, and often bring them during the training at home, because they are able to assist in the performance of various planks, and lunges, other exercises for balance and coordination.

Than replacing the weights for different body parts?

Special weights for arms, legs, body and other parts of the body used by many bodybuilders, runners, boxers and other athletes. Their role cannot be overemphasized, because with the increasing complexity of the task and they increase the load on the muscles. It is no secret that the last getting used to the tension and gravity, and therefore need to constantly improve the job. The weights are perfectly cope with this task, and if they don’t, then we can think about how to get out of the situation, caffeine in the usual home.

Alternatively, to sew to, using a suitable thick cloth, Velcro and filler, rice, sand, salt, etc. If you mess around no time and desire, you can do it even easier: take a nice long toe and quarter fill it with beans. Tie a knot, and again to fill the filler. Tie a second knot and to use for other purposes, fixing on the feet or hands with the help of Velcro or rope. In the same way to do the second sock. Well all lovers of crossfit, you can make your own, sandbag by filling a duffel bag in the shape of a barrel with plastic bottles filled with sand or other improvised material.

Elastic tape — equipment for fitness, which is easy to find a replacement

The elastic band is actively used in the training logisty, fans of Pilates and other sports that require you to perform stretching exercises and elasticity. Elastic tape is a permanent attribute of those who are recovering from injuries and dealing with power sports adapted it for training with their own weight. When practicing at home rubber band can be replaced with an elastic bandage. Stretching exercises and resistance help to pump the muscles of the back, legs, chest and shoulder girdle. This is a great option for seniors, because the projectile creates minimal stress on the joints and connective tissue, reducing to zero the injury during a workout.

Furniture as first assistants during lessons

Step-platform, all kinds of shops and accessories for backbends in yoga in the form of headstander and backbender it is possible to replace the existing house pieces of furniture — chairs, stools, and even an ordinary sofa. With the latter you can perform reverse push-UPS for triceps. Even a simple interior door can be used for fitness at home, for example, as a support or place of attachment of the belt, a special rope yoga. Ordinary book or several able to perform the role of the support block in yoga, and simple push-UPS can be complicated with such devices.

As you can see, exercise at home can be the same as in the gym and who I will allow myself to say that in house conditions it is impossible to obtain the body of your dreams? Everything really, the main thing — desire and persistence, and everything else will follow.

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