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What to expect from your breast?

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then you know what to pay attention to not only the beauty of the breast but also the health of this important organ. This article is not about creams for skin elasticity, and about health and about those medical cucapah, which, without exaggeration, may save a life. Carefully read it for yourself and tell those you care about, friend, sister, mother.”I have no time”, “It’s too expensive, and the extra money now, no, nothing’s bothering Me — so that’s all right.” These excuses are often the reason to postpone the examination for later. But think about it: we spend so much time looking for the right bag or the perfect shoes and take the money to pay for them. So whether or not to postpone what is really important?

Why you need a breast exam?

Really, why come on a survey if you’re not worried? This is necessary because many diseases (including cancer) at first might not be. And to detect them early when they are most successfully amenable to treatment, you need to come on a routine inspection.

Main modern methods of breast examination is an ultrasound, and mammography (choice depends on age and individual characteristics).

Ultrasonography in the preventive purposes it is recommended to do once a year to those who are under the age of 40 years. This is one of the most comfortable medical procedures that requires no special preparation and takes only 15-20 minutes. However, this method can detect cysts and other tumors of the breast, swelling and abscesses. The advantages of ultrasound is the lack of discomfort, the accuracy of the study and what the result is immediately visible on the screen. A disadvantage is that ultrasound is not able to detect some cancer and the doctor has to appoint additional examination.

Mammography is recommended for women older than 40 years once in a year and a half. This survey is considered the gold standard in the diagnosis of diseases of the breast. However, the accuracy of the survey depends largely on the quality of the equipment and it must be considered when choosing a clinic. For example, in Clinical and diagnostic center on Krasnaya Presnya presents the latest generation of mammography GE Senographe Essential. This device with a high degree of accuracy, allowing to consider the changes that were not visible in the classical fluoroscopy.

Sometimes, to make a diagnosisafter an ultrasound or mammogram, your doctor may prescribe a biopsy. Days when I have to wait for the result, are usually in worry and anxiety. In MEDSI understand it very well, so if you need to lookup a biopsy can be enjoyed on the day of admission. It will be painless, with the help of “gun” and under ultrasound control. A needle is inserted quickly and accurately, the tissue trauma is minimal, and the traces are left.

Immediately after the procedure you can return to your normal lifestyle and the results will be ready in 3-4 days.

How to choose a doctor?

The health of the mammary glands is a specialization of mammalogy, a consultation to which you should sign up once a year for a checkup or after the ultrasound and mammogram, if needed to clarify a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. Of course, you’re important to the doctor was a good person. But in such a delicate area as the treatment of the breast, is very important and contact with the doctor — his tact, willingness to answer questions and to take into account your individual characteristics.

In the clinics of the GROUP are specialists with years of experience who are fluent in the skills of early diagnosis. And, not least, for each patient they pick up individual scheme of testing and treatment. And even take into account the woman’s life!

And for those who want to get the result as soon as possible in the Clinical diagnostic center MEDSI at Belorusskaya can get the complete mammography examination Check-Up “Oncomammology”, which allows to identify the risk of developing breast cancer in just one day.

But if surgery is needed?

Even if the operation, fortunately, you don’t need, take this information to the note below if you need to share it with my mom, sister, friends or colleagues.

For surgical intervention need to choose a clinic that uses only modern equipment, use of new organ-saving techniques and there are really experienced doctors. At the clinical hospital in MEDSI Botkin thoroughfare qualified surgeons, mammologists carried out removal of tumors, cysts, fibroadenomas and other tumors through small punctures in the size 2-3 see Use of modern techniques allows to reduce time of hospital stay and recovery period.

While diagnosis of early stage breast cancer is one of the most curable cancers. In modern clinics the surgeons now believe the priority of organ-preserving operation with minimal cosmetic defects.

Unfortunately, in certain cases require a mastectomy — the full removal of the breast. Despite the fact that operations in a large percentage of cases are successful, because of the experiences that their body is no longer the same, women are very hard to take this step. To accept the fact that the woman is healthy again, but she no longer has Breasts, can not every.

“Today we have the opportunity to carry out simultaneously two operations to remove the malignant tumor and to establish the implant — says Vladimir A. Kalyadin, the doctor-mammolog, the oncologist, plastic surgeon KB in MEDSI Botkin thoroughfare. The woman becomes healthy, and visually nothing changes except for the better. Some women admit that a realized dream for breast augmentation. After all, a completely different thing — to trust the surgeon for aesthetic reasons or for health. We have the opportunity to combine these two things. Of course, we always discuss with the woman the medical evidence, the form, the size of the implant, take into account her wishes and possibilities of the body in this period of time. But in practice I can say, one-time removal of the tumour and install the implant fits the patients in most cases”.

But if there is no time?

The latest technology, MTS teamed up with the experts of the GROUP, to make medicine more affordable. Especially for those who postpones consultation with a doctor due to lack of time created by SMART-MED — online-the continuation of a Federal network of clinics MEDSI. Online consultations are only practicing qualified doctors, candidates and doctors of medical Sciences.

You can sign up for scheduled online appointment, to get emergency medical assistance or to share with the doctor documents and test results. You don’t have to spend time on the road, and the quality of treatment ensures MEDSI.

Give your loved ones health care!

For examinations and consultations by various experts in the network of clinics MEDSI you can not only register itself. All that you can give to those you care about. With a gift card MEDSI someone you love, will be available to all modern medical services.

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