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What to eat for Breakfast to lose weight says nutritionist

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To begin, we note that the cereal (even whole grain!), cottage cheese or yogurt with berries for all its apparent usefulness — not the best option for the morning meal. This Breakfast is very much carbohydrates, little protein and no healthy fats. And given the fact that on the morning of the sensitivity of cells to insulin increases, you get hungry very quickly. In order to feel satiety for long, bear in mind the following rules.

Mikhail Gavrilov
psychotherapist, PhD, author of patented methods of correction of eating behavior and weight loss, a member of the Institute of functional medicine (IFM, USA)

Mix and match your proteins, good fats and carbohydrates

Fats will give you energy, complex carbohydrates long feeling of satiety, protein will help to disperse the metabolism. But until your brain interprets as a Breakfast to create, offer you some ideas. The most simple — scrambled eggs, salad vegetables, olive oil, sandwich on whole wheat bread with peanut butter, lean meat, rolls of red fish with cheese and herbs.

Allow yourself a bit of simple carbohydrates

As you know, it is better to eat carbohydrates in the morning. For Breakfast they better not be abused — they should have about 30-40% of caloric morning meal. But to deny myself the pleasure is not worth it. A large part of the morning carbohydrates stored in the liver — during the night it stocks have spent some money, and the rest will be disposed of by stress hormone cortisol, which rises in the morning. And another important point, when a sufficient amount of carbohydrates for Breakfast your body will pull them from the muscles. What carbohydrates to choose for Breakfast? It may be a small slice of dark chocolate, a piece of natural pastila, or marmalade, or a mug of fresh berries.

Do an emphasis on protein

In the morning you can eat up to 22 grams of protein. It’s about 100 grams of lean meat, poultry or fish, a couple eggs, a slice of cheese (the last is better not to abuse it enough fat) or a Cup of beans. This will satisfy much better than the same mess (although at first glance, this Breakfast seems tight), and within a day, you’ll be less “cococnut”.

Add vitamins and minerals

To get power, at least some portion of the body needs vitamins and minerals, you should eat from 450 to 700 g of fruit, non-starchy vegetables and greens a day! But how is really? Eaten between the case of Apple, a bit of greenery to decorate the main dish and the best vegetable salad for dinner. This amount is clearly insufficient. Including vitamin dish to your Breakfast — a quarter of the daily requirement. What could it be? The easiest option is smoothies from vegetables, greens and any fruit or berries. I make it a rule to do it every day. For this approach cucumber, celery, unsweetened apples or berries (can be defrosted in advance), any sprouts.

Turn on a bright light

It would seem, what does this have to weight loss and nutrition? The most direct! Daylight helps our body to Wake up, stimulates the production of cortisol and reduce melatonin. The light level your brain understands that a new day begins, and wakes up. And with it after a while wakes up and the feeling of hunger. If you stand in the shadows, in the dark going to school or work, whatever you wish to eat in the morning can be a speech? So, you get up immediately and include a bright light, and sit down to Breakfast no later than 30-40 minutes after awakening.

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