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What to eat and not to eat to lose weight?

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Losing weight is just when in front of your eyes there is a clear instruction. This is a list of preferred and prohibited products on its basis you can make a diet for weight loss.


When a person wants to lose weight, it is necessary to balance the power, the presence of clear instructions before the eyes of the diet will become easier. There are foods that should be avoided, also there are foods that boost weight loss, they need to eat more. Unfortunately, not all calories are equal, so you need to consider not only energy value, but also the nutritional composition of the product.


Should be a key part of the diet for weight loss in eggs high in protein, contains healthy fats, is a rich and useful product. Two eggs is a great idea for Breakfast after such a meal you will not encounter sudden attacks of hunger and desire to eat everything that comes handy.

Green leafy vegetables

In order to lose weight, you need to each meal to add as many leafy green vegetables. Spinach, all varieties of cabbage, lettuce and other greens is a way to stave off hunger without the extra calories, they are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals. If you want to lose weight, consider herbs and leafy vegetables as flavorings and as part of your diet.


This is a great fish for weight loss, of course, if you do not eat tuna under mayonnaise sauce. Tuna has a large amount of protein with a small amount of fat, it is the most precious calories on a diet that you can imagine.


Beans in any form, lentils and other legumes is high in fiber and protein, they provide a nutritious meal and allow long to feel full.

That is not
French fries

Potatoes and other dishes are deep fried – that is no number one. Even the most useful products after roasting in a large amount of oil to lose nutrients, gaining a lot of excess calories and unhealthy fats.

Dishes deep-fried may contain acrylamide, a substance linked to cancer development.

Canned soups

Many people eat canned soup because it’s convenient, they do not need to cook, only to reheat, and the dish is ready to eat. Canned soups, like many other ready-made meals contain a lot of sodium, which causes the appearance of excess weight.

Frozen meals

Another convenient option for saving time, but not the best choice for weight loss. To enhance the taste of frozen food and semi-finished products add not only salt, but also many chemical substances. In order to lose weight, you need to prepare meals.

Soft drinks

Including diet soft drinks, all soda drinks contribute to the appearance of excess weight. Soft drinks are filled with empty calories, after eating you feel hungry and eat something else, so begins the obesity. The organism has not time to process all the sugar out of lemonade, they are converted to body fat.

White bread

In many families there is a cult of bread is one of the most popular products. White bread is the enemy of weight loss, like any product with a high glycemic index. When losing weight you need to avoid white flour and sugar, both of these components are present in white bread.

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