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What to do at night to lose weight?

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The slimming process applies not only to daytime but also at night. From your behavior at night depends on the effectiveness of weight loss. Do it at night, and you will definitely lose weight.

The slimming process does not end with the sunset, it continues both day and night. What do you usually do at a later time? Quietly sleep or play video games, watch TV shows or walk around the fridge? Do these five things every night, and you will be able to lose weight.

Spend a night exercise

They say that sports in the late evening disturb sleep. The national sleep Foundation has denied this statement back in 2013. The survey showed that more than 65% of active people love to train at a later time. After a workout, most people feel a pleasant fatigue and fell asleep quickly.

Prepare lunch for tomorrow

If you visit the kitchen late at night, not for a batch of cookies, but in order to prepare lunch for tomorrow. Eating ready food, you eat twice as more calories in one sitting. Just cooking your meals allows you to understand how many calories you eat at dinner.

Drink some water

The use of water in the evening helps to Wake up in the morning without the swelling and also supports the metabolism. But you should drink water at least an hour before bedtime, or instead of sleep you will have to follow a route from the bed to the toilet.

Proper intake of water helps to throw a 0.5 kg per month without any additional effort.
Make sure the bedroom is dark enough

It is important! When a person is in a dark room, his body produces more of the sleep hormone melatonin. This hormone is responsible not only for sleep but also for fat burning. To speed up fat loss, you need to sleep in total darkness.

Set the correct temperature

The idea is to burn calories while you sleep sounds too good to be true. However, it is true, temperature during sleep depends on how many calories the body at rest. Observations have shown that sleep is at a temperature of 19 degrees allows you to burn 7% more calories than sleep at 24 degrees. Seven percent of the energy spent at rest is not high numbers, but they will be an important contribution to weight loss.

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