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What should be heart rate training?

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The heart rate depends on exercise intensity, the higher the load the higher the pulse. To achieve a certain goal you need to maintain the heart rate within certain limits.

By performing different workouts, you will find that your pulse changes depending on the intensity of the loads. Heart rate has an impact on the effectiveness of the training. In fitness there are four heart rate zones, each of them corresponds to a specific purpose.

In order to control the quality of training by using pulse, you need to determine your maximum heart rate. This makes it according to the formula of 220 and subtract your age, for example, if you’re 30 years old, the maximum heart rate would be 190 (220 – 30 = 190). Further from the maximum heart rate is calculated corresponding to the target interval.

Measurement of heart rate training is necessary to get the best results.

The most accurate devices for measuring the pulse has sensors that are placed on the chest of the person, but usually use a more simple device – smart watches and fitness bracelets. Many simulators are equipped with sensors to determine the pulse. Consider the four heart rate zones, which are used in fitness.

Health promotion

In order to improve health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases, you need to train at 50-60% of maximum heart rate. To obtain the desired load level, you can use brisk walking, Cycling, performing exercises. Training for health promotion should be performed at least 3-4 times per week and last for at least half an hour.

Weight management

If the goal of the training is to get rid of body fat and weight management, then the pulse should be in the area of 60-70% of your maximum. No need to run a sprint and practice other intense workout, you can use any type of exertion at which your pulse will correspond to the desired interval. Fat burning workout should last more than 30 minutes.

Strengthening of the cardiovascular system

For training the cardiovascular system need such load at which the pulse will rise to 70-80% of your maximum heart rate range. Such loads correspond to the body, but for the beginner sustain them will be difficult. To maintain this rate we need at least 30 minutes, so before such a high rise of the pulse need to be sure that you can handle such loads.

Increase endurance

If the goal of your training is to increase endurance to prepare for any sporting event, then the pulse should be more than 80% of the maximum. This area of training is suitable for people with good physical preparation. Maintain more than 80% of maximum heart rate for a long time will be very difficult, will need to make considerable physical and mental effort. In this area are training for sports that require high endurance, for example to prepare for the triathlon.

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