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What role water plays in losing weight?

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For weight loss it is important not only to follow a diet and exercise, the success depends on how much water you drink each day. What role in getting rid of excess weight plays water?

In order to lose weight successfully, you need not only to follow a diet and to be physically active. The most important role in losing weight plays water, it contains no calories, fats, sugars and sodium, water controls the weight loss. In addition, the water suppresses the appetite, and this is another reason why it helps to get rid of extra pounds.

Science knows that water is involved in all metabolic processes. In order for the body to efficiently burn fat, the kidneys must receive adequate water. When the kidneys get enough water, the difficult work of the liver, it is necessary to control the breakdown of fats and converting them into energy. If daily through the kidneys are not is the right amount of water, the liver stops metabolizing fat and stores it in the body.

Water shortage affects not only the kidneys and liver, the fluid necessary for all body processes, including for the production of hormones. Violation of the synthesis of hormones do not allow to get rid of excess weight. The more water a person drinks daily, the better of an organism in its environment for burning body fat.

An important aspect of the work of the kidneys is the excretion of fluids from the body, insufficient intake of fluids, it begins to linger in the tissues. The extra weight is not only fat but also water in the tissues.

Most overweight people know what is swelling, it is the water that is retained in the tissues.

In order to lose weight, you need to drink plenty of fluids, the more water you drink every day – the less fat will keep your body. In addition, the water suppresses the appetite, allowing you to absorb excess food and excess calories. Drinking drinking water is important regardless of, you lose the weight or not, but when losing weight of this factor will depend on the success of the enterprise. It will be very frustrating to follow a diet and regularly train, but do not achieve results due to lack of drinking water.

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