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What is the pumping: exercises and rules fitness workouts

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What is the pumping: exercises and rules fitness workouts

The contents

  • Features of pumping in the fitness training
  • Rules of performance of exercises
  • Versions of the pumps in the fitness program

Power fitness classes require a large amount of energy and strength, as well as a thoughtful and responsible approach. To achieve the desired result and create the body of your dreams, you have to try different methods and training programs. Thanks to the comprehensive approach that the muscles do not have time to get used to similar exertion, and the athlete gets the opportunity to give everything in each training session in full. One of the techniques common among the bodybuilders, is a pump. For him to seek those athletes who want to get prominent relief the muscles.

Features of pumping in the fitness training

The term “pump” came from the English language, and literally means “pumping up” that quite accurately reflects the meaning of this event. In the process of exercise increases blood flow and working muscle enlarges in volume. The effect lasts long, average 20 minutes, then the muscles return to initial size. This technique used by bodybuilders just before competition to improve muscle relief and more worthy of being on stage.

But, besides the cosmetic effect, the pump has a more substantial assistance to the athlete by stimulating the growth of muscle fibers. To further understand this, we should remember that there are two types of muscle fibers: slow and fast. For the first type is characterized by maintaining the load for a long period, but to cope with more weight slow fiber can’t. They are responsible for all the movements a man makes in everyday life. For fast fibers are characterized by the exposure of large power loads, but they get tired very quickly when long-term stress. When used in fitness training * worked it slow fibers, resulting in increased endurance of the muscles, which in turn is beneficial to the further sports successes.

The pump is a multiple repetition of one exercise with light weight. For example, if an athlete accustomed to performing 5 repetitions with a barbell weighing 100 kg, the pump he will need to perform 20 reps with 50 kg weights. At the first class in the muscles may feel pain, but with constant training it will go away eventually, replaced by emotional elevation, caused by enhanced production of endorphins.

Rules of performance of exercises

To achieve maximum effect from the pumps, you must consider the number of rules used for fitness in this style.

  • An important condition of productivity is the correct rate movements. This parameter is individual, so you need to spend some time, experimenting with speed. With the rapid pace aktiviziruyutsya both slow and fast fibers, but also included in the work of small muscle bundles, which are not loaded at slow speed. In this case, you must use a projectile weighing 50% of the maximum load, and do 20 repetitions of the exercise. At a slow pace load is concentrated in the target muscle, more quickly increasing its volume. In this case, work with a weight of sports equipment 70% of your maximum and perform 10-12 repetitions.
  • The pump is used only as an additional means to strength training, but it is not a substitute. Athletes working to increase muscle volume, you must train with large weights.
  • Don’t really need to reduce weight for pumps: optimum load reduction by half, but if necessary it can be raised. You should pay attention to the number of repetitions – if the athlete performs more than 22 -25, you should increase the weight.
  • Fitness training should be carried out efficiently with no interruption in the process of movement or jerks to the limit. All actions produce controlled feeling the muscle work.
  • Between sets be sure to take breaks, but just sit it is not recommended: it is better to walk around the room, making the waving of the hands or feet.

    Versions of the pumps in the fitness program

    In the sports environment, the pump is often used in the form of drop sets, which involve the exercise at a rapid pace consistent with lower weights. For example, the selected fitness program includes deadlifts dumbbells that needs to be done in the style of the pump. In this case, follow this procedure:

  • Take the greatest allowable weight of the apparatus and perform 6 repetitions of the movement for each limb.
  • Then the weight of the dumbbells is reduced by 25% and do one more sets of 8 repetitions for each hand.
  • Current weight then reduce by 25% and add 2 more repetitions for each hand.
  • Adhering to the set parameters, perform 5-6 approaches, making no breaks in between.
  • When developing a fitness program you can use a reverse drop set, where the exercise begins to run with the minimum load, gradually increasing it and reducing the number of repetitions.

    Many athletes at the gym use combined schemes, where the approaches alternates two exercises. Items are chosen so that in the process was studied of muscles-antagonists:

    • breeding dumbbells and bench press in the lying position;
    • thrust block in a lying position and facing the exerciser;
    • push-UPS on the bars and push-UPS.

    Options can be set, it is necessary to consider the ultimate goals of the athlete and what he wants to obtain from your current workout. The fitness program can alternate the power and pump load: for example, one week the athlete works with large weights, the second week conducting training with reduced weight. Beginners can use a re-training: for this choose the familiar exercise with fixed appliances and do it at a fast pace. This option allows you to improve endurance and progress in the loads.

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