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What is the pump and how to use it properly in training

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You came to the gym, but don’t know where to start? Want to see more of the first results relief body, but to understand the huge amount of exercise so difficult? Start with the pumps! Quick effect and safety for the unprepared joints are guaranteed. Just read the article and get to class.

Pumps – what is it

After an intense workout when you perform the same exercises over and over again, there is a certain state of swelling. The body enlarges due to blood flow to the muscles. Performing a movement, the muscle pump is pumping not only blood and water in body tissue, and then increases. This increases pressure in the vascular system and faster delivery of nutrients to the cells of the body. The process is temporary, has a name in bodybuilding.

The pump (from the English word “pumping” – to fill, pump) — momentary rush of blood to the muscles, which is achieved by making mnogofotonnykh exercises with small weights.

Method used by bodybuilders before performances to give the body relief. Shortly before the performance, they perform light exercises repeatedly. In this case, the volume of muscle mass it seems more than 5-10 %. The muscles filled with blood, but after 1 hour the body when you first.

The pump has several positive properties. Among them:

  • blood flow to muscle groups, and include: amino acids, nutrients (minerals and vitamins). Microtrauma produced by the tissues during exercise, leading to muscle growth in the future;
  • influences on blood vessels: muscles better krovosnabjaemah, it accelerates the recovery after exercise;
  • the pump in bodybuilding is the effect that is produced anabolic hormones, is a good way of toning the muscular system. However, this effect is stronger when the power load;
  • exercises with small weights do not impact so negatively on joints and ligaments, as a full power load. This method can prepare the beginner to the more serious stresses, will help prevent injury.

Types of pumps

  • Pumping, based on the special exercises in the gym achieved through the tide of nutrients and exercise joints and ligaments.
  • Beauty (giving the body relief, increase muscle volume for performances).
  • Pharmacological (created by special supplements: bcaa, L-carnitine).
  • How to train? Examples of exercises

    Pumping is not recommended and not safe when you exercise with more weight (deadlift, hyperextension). In addition, it is dangerous to health, as it threatens to tear muscles and damage to ligaments and joints.

    Pumping is achieved in the following exercises:

    • push-UPS (30 times for 1 approach);
    • lifting a dumbbell with small weights (for biceps);
    • dips (at least 10 for 1 approach);
    • pull on the trainer front, pull on the exerciser lying down with small weights;
    • mnogoobraznye pullups on the bar (15 times per 1 approach);
    • squat (20 in 3 sets).

    In all of these activities use a light load, but it is possible and without it. It all depends on the level of your training. It is important to respect the main principle – a large number of repetitions in the optimal time period (not less than 15 times). For maximum effectiveness you must combine these exercises with strength. Larger muscles respond well to this type of exercise (e.g., leg).

    The use of the pump in bodybuilding

    For beginners, the pump is a launch pad to prepare for serious bodybuilding. Joints and ligaments have not developed to full load with more weight. Besides an aspiring athlete, reach certain progress that should cheer him up in the beginning. Damages received in such an exercise, is enough for muscle growth and of development of strength abilities.

    The method is used in the use of steroids. The drug will work better and faster if the cells fill with blood in the process of exercise. In addition, it diversifies the load in the gym for experienced athletes and will help to achieve fat burning effect. Ideally accompanied by an appropriate nutrition and the integrated program, otherwise the muscles will quickly return to its original state. Beginners getting started with building your pumps should have to enter strength training, otherwise the muscles will not develop effectively.

    Our muscles consist of red and white fibers. The first increase in the power load, and the second from exercises of endurance. An effective training plan is built harmoniously with these features. Success!

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