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What is stopping women to achieve results in fitness?

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What is stopping women to achieve results in fitness?
The contents

  • Excessive concern about appearance
  • Errors in nutrition
  • The rejection of the services of a fitness instructor
  • The selection of exercises for one problem area
  • Fear of great physical activity

Spring is not only the first drops, and bathing in the puddles, the sparrows, and is the “first Robin”, but rather, women who begin to storm gyms. Everyone wants to get in shape for the coming warm days, but the vast majority for a long time in the health club is not delayed. What prevents women to stay in sport and to achieve it.

Excessive concern about appearance

Of course, attraction for women is very important, but some are more confusing time and place, going to the fitness club is not for sporting achievements and for raising self-esteem and finding a partner. Bright makeup, strong aroma of perfume, lots of jewelry, long hair and revealing outfits prevented in the first place the woman. The excess of cosmetics on the face interferes with the normal breathing of the skin, which can cause redness and irritation, besides the athlete has to constantly be distracted to powder my nose.

And let the visitors care little about the comfort of others, leaving the hair on the gym, it is simply unsafe for them are the same, because the strands can get caught in moving parts of equipment, causing injury. Many simply hesitate to go all out in the hall in full, because it provokes sweating, which does not fit with the image of the fatal beauty. It is necessary to open such the visitors a terrible secret — people come to the gym to do, and not to look at others, and really nobody cares what you look like from the side. Here all are equal and each sees only the result of their labors.

Errors in nutrition

The result of physical activity will largely depend on how the athlete eats. If he came into the gym overweight and continues to adhere to old habits, then he is unlikely to notice any positive results. The process of burning excess fat will start only if the decrease in the proportion of simple carbohydrates in the diet — muffins, pastries, breads, sweets, because they provide the body with energy and promote the deposition of fat with a deficit of motor activity. But the reverse situation, when a woman dramatically reduces calorie diet, refusing from the basic nutrients, not the best way affects its state and appearance.

With the shortage of protein is the main Builder of muscle tissue the body does not remain anything how to draw energy from their own muscles, and then neither of which beautiful terrain of the question. In addition, great importance is food. So, for 1 — 1.5 hours before workout you need a snack that is banal not to fall in the hall from exhaustion, and immediately after the fitness is also need to saturate the body with protein.

The rejection of the services of a fitness instructor

Of course, it is a pleasure not affordable for everyone, but beginners may, at first, without his advice and guidance is indispensable. Fitness trainer not only will help you master the correct technique of the exercises and choose the desired program depending on the level of physical fitness, but will adjust it in accordance with your capabilities, given the available indications and contraindications, structure of the body and disease. Only fitness instructor to understand at what stage and how to adjust the process to find the unique “formula” that will lead the athlete to success.

If you can not hire a coach every time when going to the gym, you can walk a couple of introductory training, and then hire the services of a specialist from time to time. Alternatively, you can buy a block of classes, consisting of ten of the training — it will be cheaper than paying for each session individually. You can always get out of the situation, but to neglect the advice of professionals is not necessary. If it is not possible to contact the coach in the room is always the athlete whose appearance will leave no doubt as to his experience. These guys rarely denied to the Council and agree to show how to perform the exercises, and insure, if that.

The selection of exercises for one problem area

One of the most common mistakes women who want to do fitness. As a rule, the fairer sex has a claim to any one part of the body — belly, Breasts or buttocks, they wanted to fix it, without involving in the work of other muscles. They focus only on one thing, ignoring other simulators and not doing exercises to work other muscles of the body. As a result, the chances of creating a beautiful proportionally developed shapes significantly reduced, but that’s not the worst.

Worse, when the smooth impact of physical load on one part of the body leads to microdamage of the muscle, and even injury. In the organism everything is interconnected. It is impossible to only lose weight in the legs, as it is impossible to pump up the abs without strengthening your back muscles. Moreover, the shock load on the abdominal muscles without necessarily study the muscles of the back can lead to pinched nerve endings and the development of sciatica. So pump need all the basic muscles of the body, and with them additional, not forgetting about the necessity of rest and recovery.

Fear of great physical activity

Perhaps this is one of the most common among the fair sex horror stories — the fear of the pump. Talk so far from the world of sports, does not represent how much effort, labor and time you need to spend to obtain the relief of the body. Well, here women are much less likely than men just because their body is not physiologically predisposed to muscle growth. Without a special diet and special drugs to achieve such results is almost impossible.

So do not be afraid of training with weights, although here we must act wisely, not rushing right off the bat, and increasing the load gradually. Monotonous workouts with the same intensity of progress will not, although not every woman was after him. To maintain yourself in shape so physical activity is suitable. This applies to most forms of fitness aerobics, tap dance, Nordic walking, various dance styles. But if you want something more serious, then you need to go to the gym, combining cardio and intense interval exercise.

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