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What is special about the Les Mills workouts?

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Fitness programs Les Mills are in great demand all over the world, including in our country. Many people are interested in what is special about this workout, is it worth paying for Les Mills?

Today, the leading provider of fitness programs is the company Les Mills, these workouts will match the tastes of millions of people around the world. The first training program of Les Mills Body Pump was that the creators of the technique did not expect such a rampant demand and did not stop there.
Les Mills represent a group training on a certain program a specially selected energetic music. At the moment, classes in the technique is practiced in at least 15 thousands of sports institutions around the world. Interest Les Mills is just getting higher in this regard, the uninitiated people often question what makes them special? Is it worth paying for Les Mills, what are the benefits of this trend?

The Benefits Of Les Mills:

  • The ability to quickly lose weight and tighten the body. Intense workout format and a variety of loads allow you to spend about 500-700 calories in one hour session;
  • Each program was compiled by experts with years of experience, are experts in the field of sports and health;
  • Each exercise corresponds to a special music selection of the sound design approach as it is detailed as to the choice of exercises. Music tracks help keep the momentum and motivate us to overcome challenges;
  • Training programs are regularly updated, so that the body does not have time to get used to the loads. Change not only the exercises but also music, Les Mills does not allow to start missing;
  • The variety of workouts allows you to choose what you need. To do the Les Mills programs suitable for both professional athletes and for people with no physical training;
  • To conduct classes in the hall can only the instructor certificate Les Mills, these people have been trained and are specialists of the highest category. Exercising in the gym, you can be confident in the success of their studies;
  • If it is not possible to visit the hall, you can conduct training Les Mills at home.

Training programmes, Les Mills is a suitable place in the hall under the supervision of an instructor, but almost all exercise will help be carried out at home. The exception is the RPM program, it involves the use cycle.

Two programs from Les Mills designed specifically for home implementation, it is Body Pump and Combat.

Body Pump – this workout with a barbell, executed at a rapid pace and at high intensity. The aim is to get rid of excess fat, effective tightening and strengthening all muscles in the body. As a result, supporters of the program get a slim body with a beautiful muscular relief, without training in the gym.
Program Combat: Ultimate Warrior is also designed for the attainment of a beautiful body for a short time. The training combines many components – one of the best aerobic and strength exercises, as well as elements of sports martial arts – karate, Boxing, JIU-jitsu, kickboxing and others.

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