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What is Les Mills?

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Workout Les Mills is the latest fitness trend that has conquered the whole world and caused great curiosity among the inhabitants of Russia. What is Les Mills, what is special about this fitness direction?

Fitness programs Les Mills appeared in almost all major fitness centers in the world, in Russia, this direction also managed to cause an increased interest. That Taco is Les Mills, what caused such a high popularity?
The method of training Les Mills began in New Zealand, its authors are the famous athlete-athlete Les mills and his son Phillip mills. The method was created in the 90-ies of the last century, but increased the demand for it has arisen now, in the period of promotion of sport, healthy lifestyle and fitness.

Workout Les Mills currently includes eight programs, each of which involves several variations. Debut signature program was Bodypump, it assumes vigorous implementation of training with a barbell rhythmic music. This program was even awarded the honor to enter the Guinness Book of records as the most popular exercise in the history of the development of fitness. The success of this first program inspired by the creators of the next, each of them has become a universal tool that is suitable for athletes and people without training. To date, the program distributed in 75 countries.
In the creation of programs involving specialists from different areas – sports, fitness, health and even music. The music has received increased attention, as the rhythm of the tunes depends on the speed workout music editors spend a lot of time selecting and creating the sound design. Each season the program is updated, it allows them to stay popular and not become a chore. Change not only the exercises but also the music.
Innovative approach brings stunning results, according to experts training according to the method of Les Mills more efficient than at least 15-20%. Now to afford to keep the Les Mills workouts can be only the big clubs, because programs cost a lot of money. The club needs not only to buy the program, but also to send staff for training, to teach Les Mills can only certified trainers, and each program meets personal training. But this approach is the key to high efficiency.
Now the Les Mills programs work 90 thousand certified trainers, some of them live and work in our country.

In Russia this method of training has allowed himself only a few clubs, but the situation will soon change, the high interest will create many new proposals.

If there is no club that is practicing the technique of Les Mills, you can use an alternative solution – videothreesome by this technique. For some programmes you will need a training video, a course schedule and some inventory. One of the programs, Bodycombat does not involve the use of equipment, to bring it to life in any environment. For training Les Mills does not require special clothing, but some manufacturers of products for sports caught the wave of popularity and has released a special range of clothing.
However, given the choice, it would be better to train with a professional instructor. Les Mills – this is a fairly high stress on the body, holding them under the supervision of a professional ensures safety. Besides training in the bole group are fun and enhance motivation.

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