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What is callanetics: the pros and cons of the fitness directions

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What is callanetics: the pros and cons of the fitness directions

The contents

  • The essence of callanetics as the direction of fitness
  • From the history of the directions
  • The benefits of physical activity
  • Contraindications
  • Testimony
  • Mode fitness training
  • Callanetics and pregnancy
  • Weight loss with exercise callanetics
  • Basic exercises callanetics
  • Home fitness training

Callanetics is one of the modern trends of fitness, helping to put in order the figure and increase muscle tone. It’s low impact load suitable for all people, regardless of their age, level of physical activity and endurance.

The essence of callanetics as the direction of fitness

The basis system is based on gentle exercise, which were taken from traditional yoga. However, in contrast to the slow yoga callanetics is dominated by static exercise. They effectively involve multiple parts of the body, strengthening muscle fibers, increasing endurance and improving overall flexibility.

The main purpose of callanetics fitness-trends — to explore the deep and shallow musculature, including the longitudinal muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints.

Because training are held in kallanetika or srednekamennogo slow pace, doing exercises can even pensioners with the problems of locomotor apparatus.

The basic rule system — perform all movements smoothly, without pauses and without delay of breath, with a clear and steady rhythm.

From the history of the directions

The Creator of this trend is American Callan Pinckney. Since childhood, the girl suffered pain in the spine and lower body due to a congenital problem. Helped her ballet classes. Of them Callan and gained the most benefit: it is understood that static ballet poses ease her condition and relieve painful symptoms.

For the first time after collecting materials, the first book on callanetics came out in 1984. After that, the trend has become very popular among Americans. In particular those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and older people.

The benefits of physical activity

It is difficult to overestimate the beneficial properties of callanetics. Fitness training in this area help:

  • to strengthen the muscular corset of the whole body;
  • to improve the mobility of joints and ligaments;
  • to work small muscles that are difficult to use with heavy projectiles in the gym;
  • to correct a deviated posture;
  • drop the shoulders and get rid of slouching;
  • to deal with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including various types of osteochondrosis and pinching nerves;
  • to normalize metabolic processes in the body;
  • to improve blood flow and lymph flow;
  • to establish a gas exchange in the cells of the body;
  • to get rid of cellulite and prevent the appearance of stretch marks;
  • to tighten flabby skin;
  • to get rid of sleep disorders, apathy, depression, anxiety, fatigue.


Despite the fact that callanetics relates to a lightweight fitness direction, it still has a small number of contraindications. This means that before the start of classes it is better to consult a specialist for possible identifying restrictions.

Physical activity of this kind is contraindicated if the presence of the following ailments:

  • asthma and common shortness of breath;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system in acute and serious stage;
  • high blood pressure;
  • epileptic seizures;
  • high myopia, myopia, glaucoma, and problems with the retina of the eye;
  • hemorrhoids.

Also doctors don’t suggest to practice in the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases, after operations and when seasonal respiratory diseases, as this could trigger high body temperature.


Despite the presence of some contraindications, for most people, callanetics allowed. All because physical exercises are classified as gentle: smooth movements do not impact negatively on joints and overload the muscles. Such a lighter load is easier to carry pensioners and people with overweight.

Most callanetics is suitable for people who:

  • want to get rid of the main mass excess weight without grueling fitness workouts and complicated diets;
  • wish to eliminate body fat locally to problem parts of the body (the belly, the zone “riding breeches”, hips, hands);
  • have a low aerobic capacity and shortness of breath with running;
  • plan to diversify your exercise program and dilute it’s low impact load;
  • want to develop dexterity, coordination of movements.

Mode fitness training

The optimal regime of fitness training for kallanetika — 3-4 times a week. If in addition, the person also does other types of loads, it is possible to reduce the number of classes to 2 times a week.

Since this area is quite low-intensity, long duration training is not provided. Training sessions are held for 50-60 minutes. This amount of time allows you to avoid overtraining and thus helps to keep the muscles of the body toned. During the allotted minutes can be qualitatively explore all zones without fatigue.

Callanetics and pregnancy

Callanetics is one type of fitness, which can be easy to do even for pregnant women. Since this kind of physical activity focused not only on movement but on breath, expectant mothers will be useful to perform simple exercises to prepare their body for labor.

Physical activity basic elements helps to normalize sleep, to remove the excess tone muscles, to improve blood flow to the pelvic organs and relieve pain and discomfort from the spine.

In order that the lesson was most effective and without complications, before the start of training is recommended to address to the gynecologist for individual recommendations.

Weight loss with exercise callanetics

Despite its relatively small activity, callanetics allows to burn the extra pounds. Of course, weight loss is very slow and does not provide fast results in 2-3 weeks. However, weight has no tendency to return, in contrast to a weight reset as a result of the Express workouts.

Only 60 minutes callanetics mid-tempo eliminate 300 calories. Similar fiznagruzki improve metabolism, which positively affects the General progress of weight loss. After the sessions slow fat loss continues for another 4-5 hours.

Basic exercises callanetics

Classic variation of a direction consists of approximately 30 physical exercise, but in modern times it added a lot of different varieties of elements. Which base load can be performed in the course of the training:

  • gluteal bridge;
  • alternate lifting your legs in a lying position;
  • stand on the blades (“birch”);
  • deflections of the lower back on all fours;
  • “boat” (the simultaneous raising of the hands and feet, lying on the stomach);
  • side plank at arm’s length;
  • lift the outstretched leg in position on all fours;
  • the deflection of the spine on the exercise ball;
  • a “fold”;
  • base plate;
  • pulling up legs to chest, lying on his back.

Home fitness training

To do callanetics even at home, without going to the gym. It will only need a fitness Mat, a fitball for a variety of exercise and tutorials that you can find on the Internet. This method is extremely convenient for people who have no time for the gym: they can remove the tension and stress in just 30-40 minutes training complex in a comfortable environment. To make the program individually, choosing the most comfortable and need the exercise.

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