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What happens if you drink only once a month?

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Alcohol is incompatible with losing weight, it will gain crazy amount of weight, even if you take it very rarely. Find out what will happen to your figure if you’re going to drink once a month.

Everyone knows that alcoholic drinks are incredibly high in calories, and therefore does not compatible with weight loss. But do a small amount of alcohol can cause significant harm to the figures? Let’s say you adhere to a proper diet and count calories, not to exceed the daily limit, but once a month, allow yourself to drink with friends. As drinking alcohol only once a month will affect the figure?

Just one alcoholic party per month could make you gain more than 4 kg of excess weight. If a man deliberately limits his use of alcohol at one time in a month, it is unlikely to limit myself to a glass of wine. By eating five or more servings of alcohol in two hours the alcohol concentration in the blood rises to 0.08 g/DL. With such a concentration of men feel drunk women, usually smaller amounts of alcohol.

Each alcoholic beverage has its own caloric content, with the majority of calories will be empty, that is, alcohol intake can fit into a daily limit of calories, but still lead to excess weight. In one pot of beer with a volume of 0.33 liters contains about 150 calories, five Beers will contain at least 750 calories. The consumption of alcoholic drinks supplying fewer calories, but the numbers will still be very high. In the standard stack of strong drink, for example, vodka, tequila, rum or gin contains about a hundred calories. Five shots is not less than 500 calories, most people are accustomed to drink or eat spirits, why the calorie content is even higher.

It may seem that high calorie is allowable fee for monthly spree, but mathematical calculations to dispel the illusion of harmlessness. Drinking every month, five cans of beer with a volume of 0.33 liters, for the year you eat no less than 9,000 calories. In order to gain a pound of fat, the body needs to get about 3000 calories, that is five bottles of beer will serve the cause of at least 3 kg of excess weight. Five shots each month will make a year to gain about 2 kg.

If you consider that many don’t stop at five servings of alcohol and like to combine it with high-calorie snacks, you get higher numbers.

Unwanted weight gain is not the only consequence of drinking alcohol. Studies have shown that monthly use of alcohol makes people 70% more prone to hypertension. Furthermore, alcohol weakens the immune system, making the body vulnerable to viruses and bacteria, especially if you drink enough in the morning to suffer from a hangover.

But the greatest danger of the rare use is its alleged harmlessness. People pleased with themselves, as they do not allow themselves to drink every weekend, and only do it once a month. But in reality, they cause injury and occasionally surprised, noticing the weight gain despite proper diet and active lifestyle.

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