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What gymnastic complexes suitable for the elderly?

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After 60 to preserve the youth and strength of body? The question in the minds of each person. The answer is simple – exercise. Simple exercises helps to tighten the muscles, make the body supple and young. Let’s look at what exercises are suitable for elderly people and what advice is given by experienced trainers.

After 50 and 60 life does not stop. More and more older people play sports develop strength, endurance and stretch the body. There are famous women and men who win in bodybuilding competitions, yoga, fitness and other sports. They need to follow the example and improve the body even in old age.

The benefits and contraindications of charge for the elderly
To train along with the young generation grandparents can’t. They need simple movements that are familiar from school.

The same basic complexes perfectly work all muscle groups, make use of arms, legs, torso. They support the body in good shape.

Regular exercise for the elderly, which you can watch and do in real time, improves health. Physical activity has numerous benefits for humans:

  • Improves the nervous system.
  • Strengthen the blood vessels.
  • The functioning of the heart.
  • Remains posture and gait.
  • weight loss.
  • Improves the metabolism.
  • Additional vivacity.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Better breathing and circulation.
  • Prevention of diseases.

Due to the sedentary lifestyle of a person develops thrombosis, sepsis, etc. Former athletes continue their careers into old age. And people who are not engaged in physical activity regularly should at least walk 2-3 km.

For men and women over 60 serious contraindications. Need to listen to the body. Doctors advise to undergo physical therapy. Training is time-based at an elevated temperature, the exacerbation of chronic disease, after a viral or infectious disease.

To do you can even with problematic blood pressure. The coach picks up smooth and quiet movement. Banned jumping, bending. Intensely better to walk than to run with shortness of breath.

Gymnastic complex for the elderly

It is useful to start with basic stretching. This first exercise stretches all the muscles and awakens the body. You can take hold of the toes. It is recommended to stand on the bridge straight in bed.

To feel the vigor and strength it is recommended that such a complex:

  • Neck – head turns in right and left circular rotation. Done 4 times in each direction.
  • Hands on shoulders, circular motion. For 6 repetitions, forward and back.
  • Rotation of the arms extended 6 times.
  • Hands raised up, tilts forward and back. Repeat for 4 times.
  • Plies – heels together, toes apart, hands on waist. My knees are pulled apart. 6 repeats.
  • Squats with a circular rotation smooth hand. Makes 5 times.

The whole complex is slow and leisurely. You can do several approaches. If not strong enough, you can take short breaks between exercises.

A program of gymnastics for older women over 60:

  • In the sitting position the legs are getting a divorce as widely as possible. On the inhale hands reach for one leg, exhale to the starting position. Repeat on the other limb. Do 5 times on each leg.
  • With your feet together. To breath the arms are raised and the body tilted to the extremities. Perform 6 repetitions.
  • One foot is flat, the second bent at the knee and pressed to the opposite. The body leans to the leftright side. Hands reach out to the toe. Repeat 5 times on each leg.
  • Sitting on the floor, knees raised. Fall one way and the head rotated in the opposite direction. Do for 5 times.
  • Original position as in exercise 3. Just need to off the floor one leg along with a thigh. Pull on the sides and lower. On the opposite to perform the same movement. 5 reps.

Despite the age of the gymnastics for the elderly also requires a constant load. You need to add the number of repetitions, approaches, or take the weights.

There are more complex systems:

  • Head rotations – 10 times in each direction.
  • The raising and lowering of the shoulders – 15-20.
  • Circular motion of the shoulders is 16 times forward and backward.
  • Lie on your back. Raise the head and bend press. At the top hold for 10 seconds. Do 3 repetitions.
  • Bike 8 times in 2 approaches.
  • Alternate pulling right and left sock in a sitting position – 15 times.
  • Stop breeding in different directions – 30 reps.

If you have physical training, you can do more complex exercises of gymnastics, fitness and bodybuilding.

Alternative to the gym

If you have the ability and desire to exercise, before people aged to open all kinds of loads. One condition for them – moderate intensity. To popular trainings include:

  • Water treatment is aerobic exercise with minimal impact on the joints.
  • Circular classes – basic exercises are done in a circle. In the program for 5 movements.
  • Walking – there are different rates and styles of training. You can walk with special poles or without them.

Rules for the implementation of charging

To exercise for the elderly brought only benefits and secure need to adhere to certain recommendations. First and foremost – visit the doctor and learn about permissible loads. It should be the same to work out all parts of the body.

Coach give all charges such advice at the time of execution of the complex:

  • The optimal time of exercising 10-20 minutes.
  • Monitor breathing and pulse.
  • The movements are smooth, calm, measured.
  • The load increase gradually.
  • Always start with simple exercises.
  • Morning exercises are recommended to do fasting.
  • You need to highlight problem areas and work them out.
  • Combine workout.
  • It is best to do outdoors.
  • Don’t eat before training.

You can arrange individual training for walking. There are complexes which gradually increases class time: 1-3 weeks 15-20 minutes, 4-6 – 20-30, 7 and beyond is 30-40. But in these classes it is advisable to monitor the pulse, to avoid exhaustion.

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